Friday, July 6, 2012

June Update....a little late!

Wowzers June was a wild month and it turned into a blur. A lot has happened with my missionary and I. So I might as well give you all the details...I have been dating...and it has been good for me...somewhat. I started dating this guy who is in my singles ward but not really "dating" we hung out a lot but in the end neither one of us was looking for a relationship so we decided to go our separate ways. I do not regret hanging out with him at all because I grew as a person and spending time with other people is a good thing. Although I know Grant worries....a lot about me dating every time I do go on a date I notice a little thing that the guy does that   Grant did better or that I liked better about Grant. I have started to notice and appreciate different things about Grant that I never noticed before or really appreciated. I have also learned that my heavenly father is looking out for me and by giving me these opportunities he is allowing me to grow as a person and become the woman I am meant to be. Okay no more about me now on to Grant. This month he started out with a green cast to his elbow and then changed to a hot pink one that was shorter. He loved making his mission president mad with the cast colors ha typical Grant. Well yesterday he got rid of the far as I know that is and he will be starting physical therapy very soon. On Tuesday he got to meet his new mission president and last week he has a baptism. He has a new companion and his name is Elder Johnson and they get along really well because they both love agriculture...go figure. His new area is by the 1994 Northridge earthquake? Ha he asked if I remembered and I said no since that was the year I was born...what a goof ball! He is in a YSA ward so I am a little nervous since all the RM's I know talk about "flirt to convert" ha he better not be!!!! On June 22 Grant turned 20 so he is no longer a teenager...that seems so weird to me! Well for this blog post i'm going to add some pictures and then on to the next!

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