Monday, October 8, 2012

October Update

Time for the October Update! First of all I have to tell this cute little story. So on Sunday I was home watching conference and relaxing and I get a message from Grant! I was so excited and we got to chat for 3 hours, I know I am pretty spoiled. Apparently he was paying attention to conference because he said he emailed me just to tell me that he loved me and I was beautiful, he listened to President Monson's talk obviously, and of course I teased him about it. He says that he was going to tell me anyway, but I think the talk reminded him ha, I love that boy. So first my update I guess. I am going to school in Twin Falls, I come home EVERY weekend, I am doing pretty good in all of my classes, my social life is a joke, yup that is my update for you. Grant is having surgery on October 22. I am pretty nervous for him but I know that he can overcome this and it will be okay in the end one way or another. He is really enjoying his mission now and is working really hard. Today marks 299 days left, no more 300's!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Latest Obsession!

1. Microwave Meals! I don't have to cook, they were on sale, and they're pretty yummy. oh and less dishes!

2.'s just pretty cool!

3. Simply Lemonade

4. will ALWAYS be an obsession!

5. Planning my wedding.....on Pinterest!
here's the link!

6. Peanut Butter and Cheese Crackers! The perfect snack!

7. Hoodies, it's just that time of year!

8. Jason Aldean.....again

Sometimes I just have these phases where I get obsessed with a few things, and then they wear off.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I LOVE October! Best month ever! Know why? 

1. The Haunted Mansions in Albion

2. The Burley Straw Maze

3. Fall weather

4. Harvest, Beet and Potato 

5. Hoodies

6. Boots! Cute ones and fuzzy ones


8. Football

9.  College Volleyball

10. Hot Chocolate

I Can Cook!

So tonight while eating dinner with my roommate I heard something I have never heard and never planned to hear..."you are a really good cook".......what???????? Yeah she said it so now its out I really can cook, well I can put food in the crock pot and it comes out pretty good! It was only beef stew but it turned out pretty yummy and super simple and easy!

Okay so it really doesn't look all that fantastic but it was yummy!
1 pkg. stew meat
2 red potatoes
1/2 pkg. frozen peas
1/2 bag of carrots (whole)
1 can of cream of mushroom soup

Throw it in the crock pot on low and forget about it for about 6-10 hours and there ya go!

Seriously super easy and apparently pretty good!