Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moments of Doubt

Sometimes I just doubt myself and in those moments I just think of this cute face! Ha he is obviously so happy to be with me! We went to some fish place in Rupert....I hate fish yuck but we still had fun! He is my whole world I wouldn't change anything we have been through I know he is in my life for a reason and everyday I am better person because of him!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Q & A with...Grant!

So the last letter I sent Grant I sent him a bunch of get to know you questions some I already knew the answers to but some I did not I thought it would be a good way to learn more about one another and be reminded certain things about us that we may have forgotten. So I am going to document them so one day I can read them and it might give some of you an idea of fun things to do with your special someone..maybe?(so I copy and pasted off of a website so some are kind of well they dont apply)
1.Were you named after anyone? Yes I was named after this guy Grant Neighbar. Mitch's great-uncle.
2. Do you like your handwriting? I hate these chicken scratches! They look like shite smeared on paper.
3.What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey for sure!!!
4. Do you have kids? Why yes I actually have a mission baby. His name is Paco :)
5. If you were another person would you be friends with you? Yes and no depends because sometimes I am an  acehole aren't I?
6. When was the last time you cried? The last time I cried prob the day you left there might have been a time or 2 in between but its all because your not here with me.
7.Do you use sarcasm a lot? I use sarcasm like its nobodies damn business! I am never serious.
8. Do you still have your tonsils? I do still have my tonsils but last week I thought I was going to have to have them removed.
9. Would you bungee jump? of course i'd bungee jump what the hell kind of question is that haha?
10. What is your favorite cereal? hmmm my fav cereal is probably the malt o meal brand honey bunches of oats or fruit loops?
11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Depends on the shoe my dress shoes yes my ball shoes yes my other 2 nikes NO.
12. Do you think you are strong? baby i'm a farmboy i'm the definition of strong haha!
13. What is your favorite ice cream? Cookies and cream is the best!
14. What is the first thing you notice about people? how they are dressed the way they walk.
15. Red or pink? red for sure
16. What is the least favorite thing about yourself? i think i am always right and i always have to be the boss i have mistakes so I take control so mistakes arent made yup i cant help it but its me.
17. Who do you miss the most? I miss my girlfriend taylor leigh whitaker (stevenson) the most more than the farm my dirt bike and EVERYTHING!
18. What color shoes are you wearing? my tan mocasins they are comfy I was wearing black ones earlier?
19. What is the last thing you ate? some peanut butter toast I eat a lot of it!
20. What are you listening to right now? i was listening to dierks bentley but now nothing just thinking...pondering you could say.
21. If you were a crayon what color would you be? thats hard probably pink or purple because you would never let me go you love those colors.
22. Favorite smells? 1 your perfume 2 the sugar factory smells like money 3 the smell of beet harvest but i miss the smell of you the most!
23. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? elder sundrud and before that rich davis I wish it was you
24. Favorite sport to watch? NBA basketball, x-games supercross, i'm a clippers fan now baby!
25. Summer or Winter? too hard summer your outside a lot more but winter always makes good stories.
26. Hugs or kisses? hugs while I kiss you :D
27. If you could spend the day with anyone who would it be? I would spend it with you sweetie! I miss you!
28. Who is your hero and why? my hero, JR Simplot because he's well was a super rich successful farmer that what i wanna be.
29. What is the greatest trial you have had to face? the mission
30. Who inspires you? my girlfriend taylor, my dad, Pres Martin, Rich, Grow, Pope, people I love.
31. At the end of the day what are your last thoughts? my last thoughts are about how I love you honey!
32. If you could do something over what would it be? go back to one of our fights and just stop talking because i'm an ass orr kick Jaxon or Riley or Brogan's ass when I had the chance.
33. What makes you happy? Taylor makes me happy when i talk to her or hear from her. 
34. What was the best day of your life so far? The day I met you honey next would be that time you told me you loved me for the first time at 4 a.m. 
35. What is your greatest accomplishment? well all my money that 5,000 dollar scholarship or what i made of the Valencia 1st ward its productive when I got here it was nothing.
36. What is your pet peeve? when people drive to slow or people talk over me.
37. Which song describes you? amirillo sky by Jason Aldean
38. Who was your 1st grade teacher? shite i cant remember
39. What is your least favorite chore? taking out the garbage or cleaning up people's...crap.
40. What makes you laugh? I try to laugh at everything :D
41. What is a goal of yours? Finish college have my dream farm
42. Where do you see yourself in 5 and 15 years? married to you and working for simplot.
43. What color are your sheets? tanish yellow cream color.
44. Do you see yourself as outgoing or shy? outgoing i think
45. Fav ride at lagoon? wicked
46. Perfect date? steak at the Outpost then a drive through the mountains then a movie at someones house or go exploring because you know I love exploring but honestly as long as im with you and were cuddling the date would be perfect.
47. Nike or addidas? NIKE
48. Favorite restaurants? Jakers, Outpost, Norland

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

random blog remodel!

So obviously if you are reading this and by looks of the title I remodeled the blog! I thought it was time and now that I have free time I can sit down and decide what I like and what I wanted on the blog. It took me a little while since I know nothing about how to design a blog in the first place but I think it turned out cute and all summery right? So lately I have just been sick and tired of boys in general every guy who talks to me just reminds me how much better Grant is! I truly have an amazing boyfriend who will put up with all of me and my craziness! He deals with my planning OCD I seriously cannot function without a plan! In our email chat we figured out some of the things that are on my mind and it was so good to have a normal conversation with him! I know I ramble on and on and on about how amazing he is but I truly adore this kid and cannot imagine what my life would be like without him in it! He is everything I ever hoped for in a person and I feel so lucky to have found someone like him at this age I mean we met when I was 15 and started dating when I was 16! He has almost been gone 10 months he has been gone exactly 301 days that my friends is a long time. So since most of you want to hear about me waiting for him I think I will summarize the wait a little ha here goes.
Month 1 August- Probably the slowest month that I have ever lived through! Crying myself to sleep was the norm or I would call my closest friend who was a guy and left on a mission in November. I took up blogging that month to keep me busy I had a steer at the fair and I started my senior year in high school!
Month 2 September- This month went fairly fast in comparison I was busy with school, volleyball, college classes (in high school), and keeping up with anything else. At this point I was completely anti-dating all I really wanted to do was sit and home and do my own thing for a change.
Month 3 October- I struggled this month quite a bit! It was beet harvest so I was reminded of Grant a lot, kind of dated, was bothered by my ex-boyfriend, I wore sweats to school...more than one time (which is not normal for me), and I just in general did not enjoy October how sad since it is my favorite month.
Month 4 November-November was another hard month for me during the holidays girls get as lonely as their missionaries. I was seriously depressed and I remember one HUGE breakdown where I cried and cried and just it was bad. I also got my first package this month!
Month 5 December- I love love love Christmas so nothing was going to bring me down this month! I worked hard in school, played basketball and hated every second but I did it. Shopped for Christmas gifts froze at a live nativity. I got to talk to him on Christmas best present ever! 
Month 6 January- I had finals so I was busy busy busy but when January 20th rolled around I did cry that was our 1 year anniversary and he was gone! I honestly dont remember January all that well.
Month 7 February- Not a bad month even though I hate February this is when time really started to fly by for us I got a sweet little Valentines package and at this point I really started to focus more on me.
Month 8 March- Track was in full swing and time continued to fly by I was hard at work on EMT stuff and class so it was easy.
Month 9 April- I became a legal adult this month! I considered dating but when it came down to it I just had no desire to go out with anyone all the previous haha all 3 that I had been on turned out awkward and weird. 
Month 10 May- Super stressful month for me and for Grant as well. Less letters but a lot more email time. I graduated he had surgery which was super hard for me and him so we both did some growing up. Time is still flying.

So you can see everything changes month to month and even day to day. I am not saying anyone else's journey is at all like this but after a while life does go on without him and you find yourself and grow so much as a person. I am not even close to the same girl I was 10 months ago but the great thing is Grant still knows who I am because I dont try and pretend I am the same person. Staying together is possible if you are both willing to work at it!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

ramblings part 2

I really have nothing important to say other than......
1. some people just irritate me....a lot!
2. I miss Grant!
3. Boys are irritating and confusing and I have had enough of all of them!
4. I am ready to move out!
5. I can't sleep 
6. I need new music
7. I am scared to death of my summer classes and they haven't started yet...
I have nothing else other than I can't sleep and this is what is on my mind so I am blogging about it....yeah

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduation Pictures

 Echo and I marching in
 Graduation song Don't Stop Believing
 My ENTIRE senior class
 waiting to get my diploma yup i'm that short

 hugging mrs. ward
 ms. reed
 announcing graduates

 YA we're done!

 Layne and I 
 Brogan and I
 Hailey, Layne, and I 
 Kisses for Layne

 Hailey, Layne, Me, Brogan
 When we were 2 Ty and I had to dress up as graduates for the yearbook...16 years later here we are!
Ty and I

Class of 2012

May 22, 2012 I graduated from Raft River High School! It was amazing and a real bittersweet experience! I know I will miss all the fun and dumb things that go along with high school hanging out in the hallway, climbing through the windows to sneak out of class, homecoming week, government class in general, and all of the friends I have made. The one great thing about Malta is I know that all of my close friends will always be there for me! My graduating class had a total of 27 kids including myself haha. After graduation we had an all night well until 3 a.m. party at the high school. Party Hardy came and we have the air filled game things and sumo wrestling, and rock band, all sorts of games, amazing food, and of course PRIZES! I won a popcorn popper, some tools, and a brand new CAMERA! Well 3 a.m. rolls around and a few of us still aren't tired so we go to one of our friends house to watch movies. We watched What Happens in Vegas and stayed up until almost 6am and slept until 9! Overall it was an amazing experience and a night I will never forget! Sorry no pictures yet but eventually there will be a few!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Best 1 hour 16 minutes and 36 seconds of my life...thus far!

So yesterday was mother's day! You know what that means??? I got to talk to GRANT!!!!!!!!!! And I will just say that I am so head over heals in love with that boy it is so not even funny! He is the most amazing person that I know! Everyday I become a better person because of him. He has help me grow in so many ways that I never knew were possible. He knows how to make me laugh we are pretty hilarious. He can make me smile just by saying hello or i love you or i miss you. He loves me for me and even the weird dorky side of me. So you are wondering why I got to talk to him so long? Okay well Grant is having surgery on his wrist, they are putting 2 pins in and reattaching his cartilage and ligaments. Well since all of this is going on president martin gave Grant permission to talk to me on sunday! Amazing I am so grateful for that! You have no idea what it is like to hear his voice and have a conversation with him! It is like falling in love all over again! It reassured me that HE IS THE ONE!!!!! I love him and everything about him! Everything went right back to normal just like it was 9 and 1/2 months ago! He is still my Grant and he always will be! And we set a wedding date officially! No we are not engaged officially but it is pretty much set so 11-12-13 is the date yes I am serious 11-12-13 is the date haha pretty sweet huh! I love Grant and this may sound like all of my other posts but I want everyone who reads this to know that it CAN work, if you make the effort, we still fight and argue, sometimes we drift but if you want it to work MAKE it work! Don't give up because Grant and I have only grown closer and fallen more and more in love over our time apart! I know you can do this! I am so so so happy! I have a boyfriend who loves me and I love him even though miles and miles are between us and i only get 1 email a week a letter every 2 weeks and a phone call about every 6 months we fall more and more in love and it really is true love! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy Busy Bee

So lately I have barely had any time to breath it seems like! Senior project, EMT skills test, Prom, Finals, CSI Graduation, District Track, getting all my college stuff ready, and this week will be worse! Monday finals and tech graduation, Tuesday Finals, Wednesday last day of high school {crazy}, Thursday senior class trip to Lagoon, Friday morning leave for state track and compete, Saturday state track, Sunday seminary graduation, Monday get ready for graduation, and Tuesday May 22, 2012 graduate from Raft River High School! I have a busy next 9 days and I can't wait for them!