Monday, August 27, 2012

Last little while

Just the pictures of the recent happenings!

Life in a College Town

1. This is the first time since I moved in that I actually have internet...impressed, not so much.
Okay so now that I do have internet I will do a little blogging on the recent happenings, like the fact that I am in college. AHHH! So to be completely honest, I don't like it all that much. Some people take their best friends, or even a friend to college, I did not. I am pretty much all alone, I know a few girls here but they have their own little crowd. My roommates all seem pretty nice, 2 are LDS so I was thankful for that. They all seem to keep to themselves and they are quiet no one really "hangs out in the apartment". I hide in my room (cool I know). Things will get better I know they have to, people are just so different than in high school, which is NOT a bad thing, just different. I'm getting used to it and i'm sure that i'll make some friends here soon, I hope so at least. Well here are some pictures of my room and me on the first day of fall semester 2012, at CSI!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fair Week

So Fair was last week and it was pretty fun! We went to the David Nail concert and I do have pictures but they are on my phone, so maybe some other time I will add them. Wednesday Taryn and Trace showed their steers in the Cassia County Born and Raised show and they did pretty well. Trace got 3rd in his class in quality and went back in for Jr. Showman! I'm so proud of him, he has been so shy around animals but now he has grown so much! Friday and Saturday I went to the Rodeo's and watched all the events. My favorite was the wild cow ride of course. Ha this one team came out in wrestling singlets it was pretty hilarious. All in all it was a good week I love fair but I was pretty happy to be home and enjoy the last little bits of time I can with my family before I head off to school. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Medical Assistant

It's official! I have been accepted to the College of Southern Idaho Medical Assistant program! I am pretty happy about that and so excited to get to school and start my new adventure!

1 Year

1 year ago today my best friend in the entire world, who happens to be my boyfriend entered the MTC. I can remember exactly where I was a year ago from today. I woke up and we text our last goodbye....I cried for another couple hours and then our young women's group was going to Steadmans slide. My mom made me go to get out of the house and I was not so happy, I sat there and cried on and off the whole time, never even went down the slide. Then I came home and ate an entire tub of ice was good. Ice cream and I have a special relationship now that Grant is gone. When I have a bad day....I go buy ice cream ha. In a year Grant and I have both grown and changed so much but I am so happy with the changes and the growth we have made. We have grown together because we know how important it is to be REAL in letters. If you are having a bad day, tell them about it, if you are having a great day, tell them about it. That is the reason we stay so close. When he has a real bad day or a fight with a companion he writes me about it. Our relationship stays real that way. We aren't fake at all. I can 100% honestly say that we are both more in love after this year, even though we were apart, we are closer than ever and more in love. I am so proud of Grant for all that he has accomplished. This week his father was on the phone with President Hall and President told him what an amazing and hard working missionary Grant was. Proud moment...I think so! I love my sweetheart missionary man. I honestly cannot believe how fast this year has gone, although I do remember how hard the first few months were but after the 6 month mark it flew by me! Hopefully it keeps flying by until I get my Granty Pantys back Ha he will hate me when he sees that oh well!