Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fair Week

So Fair was last week and it was pretty fun! We went to the David Nail concert and I do have pictures but they are on my phone, so maybe some other time I will add them. Wednesday Taryn and Trace showed their steers in the Cassia County Born and Raised show and they did pretty well. Trace got 3rd in his class in quality and went back in for Jr. Showman! I'm so proud of him, he has been so shy around animals but now he has grown so much! Friday and Saturday I went to the Rodeo's and watched all the events. My favorite was the wild cow ride of course. Ha this one team came out in wrestling singlets it was pretty hilarious. All in all it was a good week I love fair but I was pretty happy to be home and enjoy the last little bits of time I can with my family before I head off to school. 

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