Saturday, January 28, 2012

The evil cold virus

So I have a cold I think what started out as an I feel fine cough turned into a stuffy nose which turned into a pounding headache followed by a fever and the chills sounds fabulous right? NO!!! So you're probably thinking oh she misses Grant but actually no I do but I don' see Grant is a pesterer if that's a word! When I was sick he was always "oh sweetie I'll take care of you" sounds cute right but once I'd get to sleep all cuddles up and stuff then he would start messing with me even if I was sick...that's just his way. It was pretty much stop touching me, Grant seriously knock it off. Eventually I would get up and move then he knew I was seriously sick. So he would get me back then came the nicknames sniffles pukey whatever he could think of. I love him to death but he drove me nuts. So last night I felt blah so I fell asleep and wouldn't you know it Grant bugged me in my sleep I think he knew somehow but ya! So I'm cuddled up eating Lipton soup the only soup when you're sick ad far as im concerned in my fav purple bowl missing Grant but glad he isn't here bugging me! Sweetie when you read this you will laugh but I still love you just not when I'm sick well still when I'm sick just not the bugging me part :)

Quote Queen...

I love quotes so I'm going to start posting them so I'll have them when I need them and for anyone else who needs them!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looser Girl & Potty Mouth Missionary

Looser Girl: taking too many college classes, EMT, lives in a hoodies, basketball player, sleeps with a stuffed zebra {looser girl} get it now?, misses her missionary, procrastinator, bad cook.
Potty Mouth Missionary: hates his companion, rides a bike, horrible at reading his scriptures, misses his girlfriend, book of mormon hugger {inside joke}, hard worker, potty mouth.

Update complete! That sums up our lives right now...ya we're cool we know but hey what can we do about it?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Awwwwww moment!

So I didn't notice until Grant mentioned it today he attached this picture to my one anniversary email! How sweet he remembered my fav flowers awwwwww moment oh yes!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I miss Grant a lot lot lot! He is my rock this sounds silly but I'm so scared of storms and I'd call him even in the middle of the night or when I was sick or just lonely or had a bad dream. Last night I was so scared I cried and cried and called my voicemail to listen to old voicemails from him. It's so hard to not pick up the phone and call him and have him make me feel better! On the bright side I realize more everyday how lucky I am to have a man like him to take care of me and love me. Sorry to all the other girls out there but I have the most amazing man in the world and he is all mine forever!!! I love you Grant Albert Stevenson!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 year!

So Friday January 20, 2012 was Grant and I's 1 year!
My life has changed so much in the last year and I cannot imagine where I would be without my goofy farm boy from Paul, Idaho. I didn't get anything special from him not even a letter on our anniversary actually I got and email that said Happy 1 year babe! I love you! Which I did feel lucky because it was not his PDay or anything so I should be grateful. I will admit it was kind of hard to spend an anniversary all alone...with no real communication or even a letter but it gave me time to realize how much I love Grant! So that day I got all dressed up to go to school...yup to school. I went to practice, came home showered, went to our boys game, and then to Megan's to watch movies, then spend the night at Hailey's house. And that is how I spent Grant and I's 1 year anniversary! Ya i'm cool I already know! I love Grant so much! He is the most amazing guy in the whole world. He would do anything for me! He spoils me! One of his mission  friends came home and recently got engaged and he told his girlfriend how in love Grant was with me! That just makes me feel so good. Even 700 miles away he makes sure everyone knows how much he loves me! Isn't that so sweet!  So instead of pictures of us together here are some pictures of Grant and the things about him that I love, the things that make me laugh, and the parts that drive me CRAZY! Most will be appropriate...most. 
 He loves farming and I LOVE that about him!
 He takes pictures of ALL his battle wounds..this makes me LAUGH!
 He drives WAY to fast! This drives me crazy!
 Oh the things he does and takes pictures of...this drives me CRAZY!
 So you're wondering...this makes me laugh because it's typical Grant FYI he was texting me..
 We spent like 50 million hours in this thing this summer...LOVE
 I love him because he loves farming!
 I love that he works so hard at everything!
 It drives me crazy that everything has a John Deere emblem on it!
 He is always fighting with someone but I enjoy watching it haha
 He thinks he's pretty cool, I love him need I say more!
 He takes pictures with his webcam..this makes me laugh!
 He's just so darn cute...admit it you all agree! 
 He remembered my favorite flowers color and all I got these for my birthday! Spoiled...I know!
We fight, physically, in a loving way most of the time, but we do fight, he tickles me, I pull his hard, we push each other, love tap each other, but I love it. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Payback: Phase 1

This is Grant he let me put ponytails all over in his hair and he wore it like that under his hat to the lawnmower races....I own him you could say :) phase 1 COMPLETE

Monday, January 16, 2012

Missionary in TIMEOUT

So today Grant HACKED my facebook and changed the password!!! Not cool I got like 15 emails from Facebook informing me that it was hacked and someone from California did it! Oh that missionary is in TROUBLE!! With his girlfriend! I got the oh you can't be mad at me you love me please don't be mad but now I'm not mad it's payback time so my next blog post will be a very special one that may or may not include a picture of Grant and Chris in matching power rangers pjs...I'm just saying!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Okay so I thought I would share some hints and stories short ones with you guys if you are waiting or considering waiting for a missionary
1. Cry all you want!! Doesn't make sense but crying helps get all the pain out even in month 6 I cry so bawl your pretty eyes out!!!!
2. Stalk MG blogs...creepy but helpful
3. Make a countdown I personally have four just on my iPod ha
4. Stay close with his family! I LOVE the Stevenson's I'm already the spoiled daughter mamma Stevenson bought me the cutest purse for Christmas
5. Tell him you love him! I love saying it and hearing and I know he does too!
6. Busy busy busy I have 12 college credits EMT sports I make hair bows quilts blog anti social but busy
7. Dating???? Depends on the day somedays I want to date others I ignore the whole male population so go with your heart
8. Don't be afraid to live in his hoodies! I do I have the minico FFA for sleep and the fox and Hurley and then the sprinkler shop and Hollywood and the hollister and aber one he bought for school okay remember you're taking advice from the girl who owns 30+ jackets and hoodies
9. Read the Book of Mormon it's actually good I'm in Helamen 5 already and I WILL finish it by February
10. Make good friends they will help you so much!!!

Well I hope this helped if not at least I gave it a try!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

So this New Year's was no where near as good as last New Year's but none the less another year down and I actually have a lot to look forward to this year like....
1. Graduation
2. 18th Birthday
3. College
4. At the end of this year Grant will only have 214 days left!
5. One Tree Hill Season 9!!!!!!
Well there's a lot more than that but those are the main ones on my mind right now. So I was going crazy because Grant's package to me wasn't there on time it finally came Wednesday and this is what was inside...a new Hollister hoodies FROM CALI okay so I was excited and thought it was cool my favorite candy, a new church coat, a picture frame...zebra and a long letter to make me happy! I love him so much words cannot describe. Last year I rang in the New Year making out with that cute boy...this year I was watching 17 miracles and filling out FAFSA and next year probably something else lame...but in two years I plan to be making out with that boy again! Happy New Year!!!!!!!1