Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 year!

So Friday January 20, 2012 was Grant and I's 1 year!
My life has changed so much in the last year and I cannot imagine where I would be without my goofy farm boy from Paul, Idaho. I didn't get anything special from him not even a letter on our anniversary actually I got and email that said Happy 1 year babe! I love you! Which I did feel lucky because it was not his PDay or anything so I should be grateful. I will admit it was kind of hard to spend an anniversary all alone...with no real communication or even a letter but it gave me time to realize how much I love Grant! So that day I got all dressed up to go to school...yup to school. I went to practice, came home showered, went to our boys game, and then to Megan's to watch movies, then spend the night at Hailey's house. And that is how I spent Grant and I's 1 year anniversary! Ya i'm cool I already know! I love Grant so much! He is the most amazing guy in the whole world. He would do anything for me! He spoils me! One of his mission  friends came home and recently got engaged and he told his girlfriend how in love Grant was with me! That just makes me feel so good. Even 700 miles away he makes sure everyone knows how much he loves me! Isn't that so sweet!  So instead of pictures of us together here are some pictures of Grant and the things about him that I love, the things that make me laugh, and the parts that drive me CRAZY! Most will be appropriate...most. 
 He loves farming and I LOVE that about him!
 He takes pictures of ALL his battle wounds..this makes me LAUGH!
 He drives WAY to fast! This drives me crazy!
 Oh the things he does and takes pictures of...this drives me CRAZY!
 So you're wondering...this makes me laugh because it's typical Grant FYI he was texting me..
 We spent like 50 million hours in this thing this summer...LOVE
 I love him because he loves farming!
 I love that he works so hard at everything!
 It drives me crazy that everything has a John Deere emblem on it!
 He is always fighting with someone but I enjoy watching it haha
 He thinks he's pretty cool, I love him need I say more!
 He takes pictures with his webcam..this makes me laugh!
 He's just so darn cute...admit it you all agree! 
 He remembered my favorite flowers color and all I got these for my birthday! Spoiled...I know!
We fight, physically, in a loving way most of the time, but we do fight, he tickles me, I pull his hard, we push each other, love tap each other, but I love it. 

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