Monday, October 24, 2011

Grant Albert Stevenson

A look into the mind of the man I love...ya I do love him....
 His truck
 His dad's truck
 Beet Harvest, Crazy Farmer, you don't even know
 His pride and joy, his magazine cover
 Picture of my ex on fire, and he sent this picture to him....yup way to go Grant
 Don't ask just tell him it's cool, and pretend like you care HAHA
 I love him, I love him, oh boy I love him
 Happiest in his tractor!!!!
 His soft side, he takes pictures of sunsets
 Beets, beets, beets, and more BEETS
 The dump truck, I rode like 12 hours in this thing this summer
 The reason i'm spoiled HAHA JK
 He's faking studying, and obviously just posing right haha
 He would die, and FYI the sugar comes from sugar beets, who knew, oh wait I did
 He think he's so bad a...haha
 Loves not as much
 The thousanth tractor picture
His FFA Awards

A reason to smile on a MONDAY!!!!

So I got a FAT 32 page letter from Grant today and it just made my whole week!!! He is such an amzing guy and when I am reading his letters I actually feel kinda close to him again! I love him and it is so amazing to see how he is growing as a person, he is starting to like California a little bit more, which is good he should be enjoying his missio. Is it bad that my favorite part of the letter is when he says he misses me so much, and he loves me, and that he cant wait to come home and marry me??? Well I hope not because truthfully that is my favorite part! Ok so now onto my picture story...hmmmm where should I start? Ok this is one of my favorite days and it has a long story to go along with it oh and BTW Grant LOVES the blog he even said so in my email today ok back to the story lost my train of thought. So I am a Senior Spokesmodel for Abrey Adams Photography, and this summer we had a photoshoot. So I got ready that morning and took the truck in and picked up a tote of grain for our 4-H steers and I was going to drive over and meet Grant at Wal-mart and go hang out, well the tote tips and I freak the heck out, I called him all mad and told him to hurry up and get over here and help me fix it, well he was busy, jerkwad, so I waited in the movie theatre parking lot for AN HOUR, waiting for mr. i'm so busy to show up to help me, and by this time I was half pissed off and half crying. When he did show up I refused to get out until he fixed it, he got a little grumpy, and well he kinda fixed it but it still made me nervous so we drove clear back to the other side of Burley with it and left it. So we went to Wal-mart and got lunch..yes I did say Wal-mart. Then we drove to Murtaugh to some part of the Snake River and hiked down by the water it was pretty deep but we decided to take some pictures. And then he took me back to get ready for my photoshoot. When I was done Grant drove to Declo to pick me up and we met my parents in Burley to give them the keys to take the stupid truck with the tote home. We went to his house and his family sure got a kick out of my hair and make-up. our photoshoot was themed apocolypic warrior, well Grant laughed and his dad tried to comb my hair and take all my makeup off and then Grant drove me home but boy what it an adventure that day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Big Fat Ankle

So a week after Grant and I went on our first date I tore all the ligaments in my ankle playing basketball. I was driving in and went up for a layup and came down on someones foot instead my ankle bone went straight to the floor.My ankle was softball size instantly, the coach had me call my dad to come get me and we headed into the ER. The doctors thought I would be going straight into surgery but turns out that it wasnt broken so they had to wait until the swelling went down to see how bad the damage was. I called and told Grant and he FREAKED out he wanted to come to the ER but i told him it wasnt that big of a deal even though it hurt so bad i didnt want him to have to come and deal with me. So the next day i was pretty much bed ridden, except it was my little brothers baptism so I hobbled around at it, not gracefully I might add. That night was a saturday night and I couldnt go to Oakley for our rival game. So i was just sitting at home playing Mario Cart on the wii with my little brothers when Grant walks in, he told me he was coming to see me but i thought he was just kidding about it. So he came and he sat down by me and looked at my ankle he thought it was cool but it hurt so bad. So he spent the night playing Mario Cart with my little brothers and help babysit me. When they all went to bed we watche We are Marshall and he cuddled up with me. When the movie was over I walked him to the door and he hugged me and kissed me being very careful not to bump my ankle, then he dropped the big L bomb, yup he told me he loved me, and me being me just stood there and then said goodnight, so to ruin the perfect love story no i did not say I love you immediately to him when he said it, but i called him like a week later in the middle of the night when i had a bad dream and i told him i loved him then, and i think thats kinda cute so. The next week Grant decided to take me to the movies and we saw How do you Know. He carried my purse for me while i hobbled around, and he picked me up and put me in the truck and i thought that was kinda cute of him. I love him so much!!!!
 Not too bad but still oww about 15 minutes after it happened
 A little bit worse
 Now it looks gross right
 With my socky
 Day 2
 my huge KANKLE
1st picture together

Grant LOVES his tractors

 BGT!!!(Big Green Tracor)
 Just another one of Grant's tractors
 Stupid short ripping tractor
 Oscar the FREAK
So after much complaining this summer Grant finally got me out on the tractor with him! It wasn't that I didnt want to go with him it was that I never had time, I was gone a week for girls camp, then another week for volleyball camp, but of course he finally got his way. We did something with beets don't ask because I dont know it seemed pointless to me to drive up and down the rows but apparently it matters so we did it. His weirdo dog rode with us and he just stares at you the WHOLE time, what a freak right? Well Grant loved it because I finally rode with him in the tractor and it made his day, then we went to the shop and we had to go change a tire on the potato pivot. So i had to go with him and ride out on this little tractor thing and I caught the bottom of my shorts and RIPPED them out seam to seam oh it was bad and I was so mad at him, not to mention that I was in thigh high irrigating boots and he wouldn't stop laughing. Then we went back to his house and jumped on the trampoline and I ripped my pants some more so now those jeans are in my collection of material to make quilts with and whatever else I feel like, so there is the story behind these pictures.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So I love Grant..A LOT!!! And FYI he reads my blog which just makes me laugh because he HATES blogs but the first picture story i have is our tractor story! So if you know Grant he is a little tractor OBSESSED almost to the point he annoys me and he loves loves loves his John Deere tractors, he put a little John Deere tractor on my key chain when he left and gave me a John Deere farmer game, and ya he likes them, and he takes too many pictures of them!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

100 Reasons

So this is going in Grant's next letter but I decided to document it on here and share it will you guys too! I have this new idea i'm going to try so I love taking pictures and Grant kinda does too so I am going to post pictures of our memories along with story that goes with them.....and believe me there is ALWAYS a story! Enjoy :)
1.       I love you because you see me for me.
2.       I love you because you know that I am human and that I have flaws.
3.       I love you for letting me be myself around you.
4.       I love you for always believing in me even when I didn’t stand a chance
5.       I love that you were always so worried about me.
6.       I love that you always called me beautiful even when I wasn’t.
7.       I love you for never giving up on me even when I was a pain.
8.       I love you because you look at me like no one else ever has.
9.       I love the way you look at me with your cute brown eyes
10.   I love that you took me dirt bike riding I’m not scared when I’m with you.
11.   I love you because you bought me tampons ha-ha
12.   I love you because I passed college algebra and you still have to take it!
13.   I love that you have made me obsessed with Jason Aldean.
14.   I love that your little brothers ask me for advice.
15.   I love that your family invites me places with them.
16.   I love that no guy can even compare to you.
17.   I love that I have a ton of tractor pictures on my laptop because of you.
18.   I love posting your emails all over my blogs.
19.   I love that Dakota and I are now friend’s thank you babe ha-ha.
20.   I love the picture of us fighting it was so fun.
21.   I love that you made me breakfast for dinner.
22.   I love when you say “Oh my Lord”.
23.   I love that I destroyed your room and you were PISSED.
24.   I love that we used to have skype dates.
25.   I love that I feel comfortable not wearing make-up around you.
26.   I love that you laugh at all the stupid things I say.
27.   I love that you were always willing to take picture with me.
28.   I love that you carried my purse at the movies when I was on crutches.
29.   I love that you came to see me when I tore the ligaments in my ankle.
30.   I love you and your family.
31.   I love that you came to my basketball games even thought I was on crutches and couldn’t play.
32.   I love that you came to my track meet and froze your bottom off.
33.   I love that you drove all the way to Boise twice to watch me at state basketball and track.
34.   I love that you used to leave me voicemails when I would fall asleep
35.   I love that we used to call each other forks instead of dorks.
36.   I love that you kissed me on the first date.
37.   I love that you always brought me food when I was at tech.
38.   I love that you called me when you got your wisdom teeth out and confessed your love for me in front of you mother.
39.   I love that every time I tell your father about your letters his gaydar goes off.
40.   I love that you take stupid pictures.
41.   I love you because you jammed out to Hannah Montana with me.
42.   I love you because you put up with my fake baby ha-ha.
43.   I love that I always get my way when I’m with you.
44.   I love that I was the one that packed your bags for the MTC not you!
45.   I love that I throw away all your junk and you turn around and get it out of the trash!
46.   I love that I am the planner and you plan NOTHING!
47.   I love that you pray for me!
48.   I love that you call me honey and sweetie and babe and other cute names.
49.   I love that you tried to stay up with me all night on Christmas Eve.
50.   I love that we spent 1-1-11 together and rang in the New Year kissing on our first date.
51.   I love that we used to stay up until 4 a.m. on the phone talking about absolutely nothing.
52.   I love that you think I’m super smart when I’m not.
53.   I love how you think I’m paying for your Duramax HA!
54.   I love that you said you loved me a week after our first date and I just stood there.
55.   I love that you always let me fall asleep on you.
56.   I love that I made you stop in the middle of the road and dance with the headlights on us.
57.   I love that we can be silly with each other.
58.   I love that we went to The Hangover 2 with my parents.
59.   I love that you dedicate a million songs to me.
60.   I love that you think I’m letting you name our sons Jaxc and Dacx ha.
61.   I love that you cried like a baby when I pulled out of your driveway the day you were set apart.
62.   I love that you gave me a stupid John Deere Farmer computer game.
63.   I love that you think I’m the one with bad taste in music, have you heard the music on your iPod
64.   I love that you spoil me and buy me Buckle jeans ha.
65.   I love that you set my ex’s picture on fire and took a picture of it and sent it to him!
66.   I love that you can’t dance ha-ha but its fun to watch you try.
67.   I love that you like to hang out with my little brothers.
68.   I love that you took me to the worst restaurant in Rupert, Alaska’s Best YUCK!
69.   I love that we never agree on anything!
70.   I love that you made me a blanket!
71.   I love that you bought me a zebra purse for my birthday.
72.   I loved how you would save all my “important” messages like what my favorite flowers were.
73.   I love how protective you are of me.
74.   I love that you made me ride that stupid little tractor and I ripped the butt out of my pants…and you laughed forever about it.
75.   I love that you are willing to rub my feet for me.
76.   I love that you bought me a bikini that I’ve never worn and probably never will.
77.   I love that every time we go to twin we have to go to cosco.
78.   I love how when I make you go into a store shopping for clothes and you mutter under your breath the whole time how this is so stupid and embarrassing and you don’t think I can hear you.
79.   I love your reaction when you found like twenty tampons stuffed in your glove compartment.
80.   I love that Christopher told me about your relationship with “Steve” ha-ha.
81.   I love that you keep track of how many days it is until you come home.
82.   I love that you laughed at me instead of helping me up when I face planted it on my steps with my crutches.
83.   I love how you write me 26 page letters and your family gets short ones!
84.   I love that you put up with the fact that I am super messy!
85.   I love that you took my little brothers bowling!
86.   I love that you practically had to drag me into the temple when we went for baptisms.
87.   I love that you read my receipts when I go shopping to see how much I spend ha
88.   I love you because you let me put a bunch of pony tails in your hair.
89.   I love you because you were worried when I had the flu at the Rupert Fair!
90.   I love that you always drive to see me and never complained one second about it!
91.   I love that we have our whole future planned out!
92.   I love that you show my picture to everyone on your mission.
93.   I love it when you try to teach me about beets and I just end up more confused
94.   I love that 57 is your favorite number and I don’t know why?
95.   I love that you always say how excited you are to marry me!
96.   I love your laugh and your smile and your dimple.
97.   I love that our first date I got a bishops interview from your dad.
98.   I love it when you used to tickle me!
99.   I love that you never got mad when I ate all your jerky.
100.                        I love everything about you Grant Albert Stevenson, but most of all I love you because you truly love me for me and who  I am no matter what!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh ya know

My bows

Oh my pretty ring(someday)

my future kitchen YA
So I am a planner and when I get bored I plan things, I have my wedding all planned out and my future house, don't tell anyone but I've tried on my ring twice,(just to embarrass Grant and partly because I LOVE IT!!!) I hate couples lately, I just look at them and I'm an instant grump, I can't help but be jealous. I have kissed one boy since Grant left ya I know bad idea but ha it wasn't that great so he really has nothing to worry about. I have found something that actually keeps me busy. Hair flower things...yes I have resulted to arts and crafts but actually pretty fun...and not to mention time consuming. Luckily time is starting to go by faster which I really need.Volleyball is coming to an end which makes me really sad, but it has opened my eyes to another dream I have...brace yourself I actually want to coach one day. Yup big shocker right! I am not so good at keeping this blog thing up I am trying to be better. Two posts in one night should help though. So to all of you girls who are following me because I have a missionary boyfriend and you have one or soon to have strong, I'll be the first to tell you it's not easy. Grant left August 3rd and I still cry somedays, I still miss him, I still can't go to some places, I still want to call his phone in the middle of the night(which Luke would not appreciate), I still want to tell him everything. This is by far one of the hardest things I have ever done. There is going to be a lot of people who tell you that you can't do it, you will both change so much, or that you will leave him. I can say that those are things you are in control of. You can still talk to him like he is standing right in front of you, write it on paper, Grant loves it. Sometimes they need to be treated like a human not a missionary. You can still rely on them, and they need to have you to rely on as well. Don't let others opinions change your feelings. You are strong enough to do this and it is possible. If the day comes and it doesn't work out know that Heavenly Father has a plan for you and he will help you every step of the way. Okay that was weird and random, but pretty much like all my other posts, you people have no idea what you have gotten yourselves into!

The love of my LIFE!

So lately I have been feeling pretty down on myself for A LOT of reasons none I will  name though, but I do get some pretty sweet emails from this wonderful boy and he makes my day so I thought I would share...maybe they will help you and maybe you will just laugh who knows ha!
October 17, 2011
Well honey love i just wanna start off by saying how much i love you and how greatfull i am to have you! and how beautiful you are :D wheres my letter lady i want it!! haha im patient just dont take months please so yeah i cant wait to marry you my computer is being gay so i dont have alot of time grr yea it sucks but ohhh well. Just dont forget about our end goal Eternal marriage and an eternal family together i know we can make it through this together not alone but together!! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH Taylor MUAAAHHHHH happy 9 months thursday :D i love you baby have a good week :D
October 11, 2011
Wow taryn has a boyfriend thats crazy haha who is he? hey mee too sundays are hard for me becasue it seems liek there always talking about familys and getting married and stuff and yeah i just miss you alot baby! baby thank you for embarking on this journy wiht me i know its hard but i know we can do it you didnt have to but i love you so much and are so happy that you'v chosen to take this path with me. its not easy its hard in fact but i know in the end it will be worth it! Taylor i wanna marry you !!! Our life will be bless ethernally from this not just me but US!! haha you stole my ipod? remember when we first started dating and you were like can i have your ipod when you leave and i said no haha looks like you got your way didnt you hahah i miss normal music sooooo baddddd!!!!! i miss you and everything about us sooooo much remember our first kiss or the first time you told me you loved me at 3 in the morning when you called me and had a bad dream and i was trying to comfort you. i was thinking about that last night i love you so much!! I will love you forever i wanna go to the temple with you!! our family will be eternal i know it i know it will i know we can make it through this and i know our family will be eternal:D ahhh you make me so happy i cant wait to go to the temple with you and make those promises and covnents to be togehter for eternithy in front of our hevenly father and our family im so excited for that:D wow baby im so happy for you im so proud of you for trying thats all god asks is to try but im thankfull your making the effort to understand it and so proud of you your testimony has grown so much im so happy for you and proud of you this is really a big step in life baby your really an amazing young lady and i love you more then anything i know god will hold us together through this! i know through prayer and reading the scriptures and keeping the comandments trying to become closer to god and more christlike you will gain peace anc comfort and happiness and all the things in life you want all your dreams will come true it will be easyer to cope with life and everything it throws at you i know its not easy but i can personally promise you that if you keep the commandment live the gospel try to under stand it keep the law of chastity and word of wisdom do what you suppose to pry for help and have faith that things will work out they will and it will be alot easyer then it is without the gospel. i promise you im not saying this because im preachy or churchy im saying this because i love you and know this will help you with you life and help you with all the chalanges you face. satan gives you so many trial and chalanges because he knows your strong and knows you have a strong testimony so hes trying to tear you down he focus on the strongest the most. im so proud of you taylor i encourage you to continue to grow in the church my letter will say more. apply the things you learn i know they will bless you and help you trust me i know they will!! I promise when i come home i will never leave you again we will be together foever i love you soooo much Muaaaaahhhh you make me so happy i cant wait to get married im really so proud of you you really are a elect daughter of god im so happy for you i pray for you everysingle night!! promise me youl be there waitng when i return promise me youl be worthy to enther the temple when i get home not after i get home the day i get there!! im so happy i have you you always make me feel better always comfort me and make me feel good again your gonna be my girlfriend for the next 2 years were not gonna break up were gonnna be together forever i know it. Im so happy i have a strong girlfriend back in malta idaho to bring me back up when im down to strengthen me and keep me strong. the same goes for you wiht me im sill your boyfriend even though im a 1000 miles away im still here im just a letter or email away i wish we coulda chatted today but i know your busy but i know we'll be blessed one day from your willingness to stay busy and press forward in life. I Love You Taylor soooooo freaking much you dont even know i wanna spend eternity with you and be together forever!! All my everything heart, soul, spirit, smile hugs and kisses and most of all my Love and Kisses Baby i love you Muuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D Take care baby cakes stay
October 3,2011
You are simply amazing in everyway and i love you so much stay strong and remmeber who you are and that i love you so much i cant wait to marry my AMazing Beatuiful Girlfriend waiting for me back in Malta Idaho Muuuuaaaaahhhhh I LOVE YOU BABYCAKES 1-20-2011<3
So there you have it, now you can see why I love this guy so much! Isn't he just fantastic ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is anyone else obsessed with planning their future house? I am! I love it! My personality it all planner, I plan my outfit for school sometimes days in advance, I already have most of my college classes chosen, I decided what i wanted to be as an 8th grader! It drives me crazy when people oh whatever we'll just see what happens! Well Grant is that way! I always had to drag out a time for a date, and right when I'm hanging out in my sweats just deciding to go get ready Grant calls "Hey honey I'm in Idahome!" p.s. Idahome is 15 minutes away from Malta, those are the times I wanted to kill him! I'm so excited to go to college! It's getting so close it seems like, I got my transcriprs from our counselor the other day so weird.I'm applying for all these scholarships, and getting a lot of stuff from all these colleges I've never heard of! I'm so greatful to have grown up in the tiny town of Malta, Idaho pop. 171 no that is not a joke! I go to a ONE hallway high school, there are 28 kids in my graduating class, and we are the largest class, and there are less thatn 100 students in our high school, and 10 girls in my class! I love it, even the tiny town drama, I could not have grown up in a better place. It's one of those places where everyone knows everyone, I have know 2 boys in my class since nursey school. Everyone takes care of everyone! It's such an amazing place and it will always be home!