Monday, October 24, 2011

A reason to smile on a MONDAY!!!!

So I got a FAT 32 page letter from Grant today and it just made my whole week!!! He is such an amzing guy and when I am reading his letters I actually feel kinda close to him again! I love him and it is so amazing to see how he is growing as a person, he is starting to like California a little bit more, which is good he should be enjoying his missio. Is it bad that my favorite part of the letter is when he says he misses me so much, and he loves me, and that he cant wait to come home and marry me??? Well I hope not because truthfully that is my favorite part! Ok so now onto my picture story...hmmmm where should I start? Ok this is one of my favorite days and it has a long story to go along with it oh and BTW Grant LOVES the blog he even said so in my email today ok back to the story lost my train of thought. So I am a Senior Spokesmodel for Abrey Adams Photography, and this summer we had a photoshoot. So I got ready that morning and took the truck in and picked up a tote of grain for our 4-H steers and I was going to drive over and meet Grant at Wal-mart and go hang out, well the tote tips and I freak the heck out, I called him all mad and told him to hurry up and get over here and help me fix it, well he was busy, jerkwad, so I waited in the movie theatre parking lot for AN HOUR, waiting for mr. i'm so busy to show up to help me, and by this time I was half pissed off and half crying. When he did show up I refused to get out until he fixed it, he got a little grumpy, and well he kinda fixed it but it still made me nervous so we drove clear back to the other side of Burley with it and left it. So we went to Wal-mart and got lunch..yes I did say Wal-mart. Then we drove to Murtaugh to some part of the Snake River and hiked down by the water it was pretty deep but we decided to take some pictures. And then he took me back to get ready for my photoshoot. When I was done Grant drove to Declo to pick me up and we met my parents in Burley to give them the keys to take the stupid truck with the tote home. We went to his house and his family sure got a kick out of my hair and make-up. our photoshoot was themed apocolypic warrior, well Grant laughed and his dad tried to comb my hair and take all my makeup off and then Grant drove me home but boy what it an adventure that day!

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