Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is anyone else obsessed with planning their future house? I am! I love it! My personality it all planner, I plan my outfit for school sometimes days in advance, I already have most of my college classes chosen, I decided what i wanted to be as an 8th grader! It drives me crazy when people oh whatever we'll just see what happens! Well Grant is that way! I always had to drag out a time for a date, and right when I'm hanging out in my sweats just deciding to go get ready Grant calls "Hey honey I'm in Idahome!" p.s. Idahome is 15 minutes away from Malta, those are the times I wanted to kill him! I'm so excited to go to college! It's getting so close it seems like, I got my transcriprs from our counselor the other day so weird.I'm applying for all these scholarships, and getting a lot of stuff from all these colleges I've never heard of! I'm so greatful to have grown up in the tiny town of Malta, Idaho pop. 171 no that is not a joke! I go to a ONE hallway high school, there are 28 kids in my graduating class, and we are the largest class, and there are less thatn 100 students in our high school, and 10 girls in my class! I love it, even the tiny town drama, I could not have grown up in a better place. It's one of those places where everyone knows everyone, I have know 2 boys in my class since nursey school. Everyone takes care of everyone! It's such an amazing place and it will always be home!

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