Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grant LOVES his tractors

 BGT!!!(Big Green Tracor)
 Just another one of Grant's tractors
 Stupid short ripping tractor
 Oscar the FREAK
So after much complaining this summer Grant finally got me out on the tractor with him! It wasn't that I didnt want to go with him it was that I never had time, I was gone a week for girls camp, then another week for volleyball camp, but of course he finally got his way. We did something with beets don't ask because I dont know it seemed pointless to me to drive up and down the rows but apparently it matters so we did it. His weirdo dog rode with us and he just stares at you the WHOLE time, what a freak right? Well Grant loved it because I finally rode with him in the tractor and it made his day, then we went to the shop and we had to go change a tire on the potato pivot. So i had to go with him and ride out on this little tractor thing and I caught the bottom of my shorts and RIPPED them out seam to seam oh it was bad and I was so mad at him, not to mention that I was in thigh high irrigating boots and he wouldn't stop laughing. Then we went back to his house and jumped on the trampoline and I ripped my pants some more so now those jeans are in my collection of material to make quilts with and whatever else I feel like, so there is the story behind these pictures.

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