Thursday, October 20, 2011

100 Reasons

So this is going in Grant's next letter but I decided to document it on here and share it will you guys too! I have this new idea i'm going to try so I love taking pictures and Grant kinda does too so I am going to post pictures of our memories along with story that goes with them.....and believe me there is ALWAYS a story! Enjoy :)
1.       I love you because you see me for me.
2.       I love you because you know that I am human and that I have flaws.
3.       I love you for letting me be myself around you.
4.       I love you for always believing in me even when I didn’t stand a chance
5.       I love that you were always so worried about me.
6.       I love that you always called me beautiful even when I wasn’t.
7.       I love you for never giving up on me even when I was a pain.
8.       I love you because you look at me like no one else ever has.
9.       I love the way you look at me with your cute brown eyes
10.   I love that you took me dirt bike riding I’m not scared when I’m with you.
11.   I love you because you bought me tampons ha-ha
12.   I love you because I passed college algebra and you still have to take it!
13.   I love that you have made me obsessed with Jason Aldean.
14.   I love that your little brothers ask me for advice.
15.   I love that your family invites me places with them.
16.   I love that no guy can even compare to you.
17.   I love that I have a ton of tractor pictures on my laptop because of you.
18.   I love posting your emails all over my blogs.
19.   I love that Dakota and I are now friend’s thank you babe ha-ha.
20.   I love the picture of us fighting it was so fun.
21.   I love that you made me breakfast for dinner.
22.   I love when you say “Oh my Lord”.
23.   I love that I destroyed your room and you were PISSED.
24.   I love that we used to have skype dates.
25.   I love that I feel comfortable not wearing make-up around you.
26.   I love that you laugh at all the stupid things I say.
27.   I love that you were always willing to take picture with me.
28.   I love that you carried my purse at the movies when I was on crutches.
29.   I love that you came to see me when I tore the ligaments in my ankle.
30.   I love you and your family.
31.   I love that you came to my basketball games even thought I was on crutches and couldn’t play.
32.   I love that you came to my track meet and froze your bottom off.
33.   I love that you drove all the way to Boise twice to watch me at state basketball and track.
34.   I love that you used to leave me voicemails when I would fall asleep
35.   I love that we used to call each other forks instead of dorks.
36.   I love that you kissed me on the first date.
37.   I love that you always brought me food when I was at tech.
38.   I love that you called me when you got your wisdom teeth out and confessed your love for me in front of you mother.
39.   I love that every time I tell your father about your letters his gaydar goes off.
40.   I love that you take stupid pictures.
41.   I love you because you jammed out to Hannah Montana with me.
42.   I love you because you put up with my fake baby ha-ha.
43.   I love that I always get my way when I’m with you.
44.   I love that I was the one that packed your bags for the MTC not you!
45.   I love that I throw away all your junk and you turn around and get it out of the trash!
46.   I love that I am the planner and you plan NOTHING!
47.   I love that you pray for me!
48.   I love that you call me honey and sweetie and babe and other cute names.
49.   I love that you tried to stay up with me all night on Christmas Eve.
50.   I love that we spent 1-1-11 together and rang in the New Year kissing on our first date.
51.   I love that we used to stay up until 4 a.m. on the phone talking about absolutely nothing.
52.   I love that you think I’m super smart when I’m not.
53.   I love how you think I’m paying for your Duramax HA!
54.   I love that you said you loved me a week after our first date and I just stood there.
55.   I love that you always let me fall asleep on you.
56.   I love that I made you stop in the middle of the road and dance with the headlights on us.
57.   I love that we can be silly with each other.
58.   I love that we went to The Hangover 2 with my parents.
59.   I love that you dedicate a million songs to me.
60.   I love that you think I’m letting you name our sons Jaxc and Dacx ha.
61.   I love that you cried like a baby when I pulled out of your driveway the day you were set apart.
62.   I love that you gave me a stupid John Deere Farmer computer game.
63.   I love that you think I’m the one with bad taste in music, have you heard the music on your iPod
64.   I love that you spoil me and buy me Buckle jeans ha.
65.   I love that you set my ex’s picture on fire and took a picture of it and sent it to him!
66.   I love that you can’t dance ha-ha but its fun to watch you try.
67.   I love that you like to hang out with my little brothers.
68.   I love that you took me to the worst restaurant in Rupert, Alaska’s Best YUCK!
69.   I love that we never agree on anything!
70.   I love that you made me a blanket!
71.   I love that you bought me a zebra purse for my birthday.
72.   I loved how you would save all my “important” messages like what my favorite flowers were.
73.   I love how protective you are of me.
74.   I love that you made me ride that stupid little tractor and I ripped the butt out of my pants…and you laughed forever about it.
75.   I love that you are willing to rub my feet for me.
76.   I love that you bought me a bikini that I’ve never worn and probably never will.
77.   I love that every time we go to twin we have to go to cosco.
78.   I love how when I make you go into a store shopping for clothes and you mutter under your breath the whole time how this is so stupid and embarrassing and you don’t think I can hear you.
79.   I love your reaction when you found like twenty tampons stuffed in your glove compartment.
80.   I love that Christopher told me about your relationship with “Steve” ha-ha.
81.   I love that you keep track of how many days it is until you come home.
82.   I love that you laughed at me instead of helping me up when I face planted it on my steps with my crutches.
83.   I love how you write me 26 page letters and your family gets short ones!
84.   I love that you put up with the fact that I am super messy!
85.   I love that you took my little brothers bowling!
86.   I love that you practically had to drag me into the temple when we went for baptisms.
87.   I love that you read my receipts when I go shopping to see how much I spend ha
88.   I love you because you let me put a bunch of pony tails in your hair.
89.   I love you because you were worried when I had the flu at the Rupert Fair!
90.   I love that you always drive to see me and never complained one second about it!
91.   I love that we have our whole future planned out!
92.   I love that you show my picture to everyone on your mission.
93.   I love it when you try to teach me about beets and I just end up more confused
94.   I love that 57 is your favorite number and I don’t know why?
95.   I love that you always say how excited you are to marry me!
96.   I love your laugh and your smile and your dimple.
97.   I love that our first date I got a bishops interview from your dad.
98.   I love it when you used to tickle me!
99.   I love that you never got mad when I ate all your jerky.
100.                        I love everything about you Grant Albert Stevenson, but most of all I love you because you truly love me for me and who  I am no matter what!

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  1. Ok honestly this is the cutest thing ever!! That is a way cute idea!