Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yes I seriously have...another post! So I was on Grant's facebook updating snooping whatever you want to call it lol and one of the people Grant taught in California started chatting with me here is the convo!
Mario: Sup fou whats cracking
Me: Sorry this isn't Grant this is his girlfriend just updating his facbook
Mario: ok nice to meet you
Me: Nice to meet you too
Mario:Elder is the best
Me: he is pretty amazing isn't he
Mario:  I like too much this guy, yes, is my friend, he used to come n visit me
Me: yeah he is up in Stevenson Ranch right now and he just had surgery so they don't let him out much!
Mario:Uuuuuup sorry to heard that My english is not that good Sorry What happen to him
Me: oh its just fine dont worry i'm glad you like Elder Stevenson he talked about you a lot. Some guy threw a beer bottle at him and he wrecked his bike he had surgery on his wrist
Me:yeah he is doing much better now
Mario:He loves you He told me
Me:oh that was pretty sweet of him I love him very much
Mario: Omg he is very nice
Me:he can be very sweet sometimes
Mario: He went to my House when he was move n he has A tear on his eyes Almost make me cry
Me: He really loved you guys I have lots of letters that he talked about your family and a few pictures with all of you
Mario:Lol realy Thats nice of him Tell him i said hi
Me: yes i really do i will tell him that you said hi
He went on for a bit about how much he adored Grant and how they took that picture with the Whitaker street sign! Ahh it's so cute they love him there and I am so proud of him for serving the Lord and these people I can really see the progress he is making when I get to talk to the members! I just love my baby so much! He is amazing! I understand if you are all jealous I don't blame you ha jk!


So while i'm taking classes in Burley I have a 4 hour gap in between classes so I got to Grant's house and hang out with his mom. His mom and I are pretty close, well I am close with his whole family, but he has no sisters so that kind of makes us even closer. His dad loves to tease me and interrogate me about church, Ben just likes to talk to me and he is almost like my brother now, Luke well he doesn't know what to say ha, Jake hates my guts but what 10 year old doesn't hate a girl who kisses him for pure entertainment haha. So today I drove to Paul just to chill in between classes and when I pull in his mom wasn't there which isn't a huge deal she was on her way home from the grocery store so I just went in like usual. Oscar {the dog} freaked out because I was there until I let him in the house. When I walk in the door Grant's camping chairs were in the entry way, we sat on those chairs at the 4th of July parade in Rupert. Then I take on more step, a Betaseed hat, Grant has one exactly like it. I love going to his house don't get me wrong and it really isn't awkward being there without him. When he was still here I stayed with Luke and Jake while Grant and his parents went to a temple session. We watched 1,000 ways to Die, Luke's favorite show. So obviously it isn't awkward. It just reminds me A LOT of my boyfriend. We hung out at his house a lot and my house we spent more time at our house's than we ever did at a movie theater or anywhere else. It just reminded me how much I love my boyfriend and how he is still a real person even though he is far away he is still close to my heart. Grant and I really have a unique relationship. I can honestly say that when we first started dating I didn't know if he was "the one". Some people can say they knew right away but I wasn't convinced right away. It was about a week after our first date that I started falling hard for him. If you want the long version look back in my blog to when I screwed up my ankle. Long story short he drove all the way from Paul {which is 50 miles} to see me when I couldn't even walk without crutches. He sat there with me all night and played Mario Cart on the Wii. Then we watched We are Marshall. He actually had to sit by my gross foot. I knew he was a keeper. That was the night he told me that he loved me and...I didn't say it back ha not exactly that romantic right? Well a few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and I was scared so I called Grant...he answered on the first call pretty impressive. I was so scared and he just talked to me that is when I told him that I loved him. After that we were inseparable.We would usually spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together. Sometimes even weekdays. I haven't seen him in 10 months, hugged him in 10 months, kissed him in 10 months, laughed with him in 10 months, or stared into those gorgeous brown eyes in 10 months, and I still love him! If that isn't true love then I don't know what true love is!

Life of a College Girl

So Tuesday I started college! Yup I really did summer school...what was I thinking? Oh ya I was thinking if I can just get all of this done before next August I can get married and live happily ever after with Grant! Ya not as easy as I had hoped. I am taking ALLH 101 aka medical terminology and ENG 101! I love love love love love my med term class because obviously I love the medical field. English 101 ehhh not so much. It is not hard at all if that is what you are asking and it is not the teacher, she is amazing. It's the people in my class. You could say growing up in Malta has sheltered me...a lot. The closest person in age to me in that class is 22 the rest are in their upper 20's and 20's and one is 40 so i'm pretty much the baby of that class at age 18...ya. Then there is the fact that half of them have kids. Half of them can barely speak English {if you know what I mean} and then there is a couple who are mmmm I won't say. When I walk out {practically run} of that class I am worried that one will attack me. This summer semester can not be over soon enough. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mean Girlfriend

Sometimes I just get frustrated with Grant. I am not always the best girlfriend and even when we email sometimes it takes its toll on me. Like when the only time you get to talk to your boyfriend is on Monday and he gets on and says hey baby, and then he says who is this?, that frustrates me a little...or a lot and then when the next email you get is Hey I have to go talk to you tomorrow I love you. So then I just reply with ya bye...that's pretty sweet of me right? I know that was probably not the nicest thing I could have done but the whole conversation was just a little annoying and mother nature probably wasn't helping any. So the next thing I will have to do is apologize and I just hate doing that because I am so stubborn. I know it isn't his fault that he had to go but when you go all week and that is the only thing you hear from your boyfriend that makes it a little hard but hopefully tomorrow I get to talk to him and if not then somehow I will be okay with that. I still love him and miss him but we still have normal couple moments even with him 800 miles away! 
{I guess you could say some things never change ha}

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Vow

Sometimes I go to sappy chick flicks with girls because if I went with a guy I would bawl. The Vow was amazing true love at it's finest! It's one of those warm fuzzy feeling movies...I cried! I got my package today from Grant and I just love him so much all my favorites! I'm such a lucky girl even 900 miles away he shows me how much he loves me! I love him because...1. He sees me for who I am, flaws and all, and he loves me. 2. He never once complained about coming to get me or driving to Malta EVER and it's 50 miles from his house! 3. Because we can argue..funny but our arguments were great because we were 100% ourselves from day one no secrets it was all or nothing and I appreciate that we could argue instead of holding anything back!

10 Months down 14 more to go

So today Grant has been gone for 10 months....10 very very very very very long months! So I think I will start doing the update on the 3rd of every month! So first Grant (which is always the most fun) Grant had surgery on May 21st he had 2 pins put in his wrist and will be in a cast for 6 more weeks! He is actually doing really well they tell him to take it easy and of course he cannot do that I know he is trying but he is still typing with his right hand and writing letters and going out and teaching lessons! He is up to 40 lessons a week well that is what he told me and he is in a "three-some" or as he calls it the tri-fecta (however you spell it)! He loves going and doing service and working and doing hands on stuff! He is serving in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch! That's about all in Grant! I start my summer college classes on Thursday. I have been open to dating but it just isn't working out I end up dating jerks or just avoid socializing all together! I really have no plans for summer so my update is boring sorry!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Mission Call

So exactly 1 year ago today Grant got his mission call to the San Fernando California Mission! So first here is the "call story". So I was at home in Malta getting ready to go to a photo shoot in Burley while I was doing my hair I saw Grant called so I just shrugged it off i'll call him back when I finish with my hair....a couple minutes later I get a text message that says "I'm going to California!!!" so I replied "ugh why?" and he says "I got my mission call" so once I saw that I immediately called him and he told me all about it. When he called me before it's because he wanted me to be on the phone when he opened the letter....but I didn't answer so he opened it at the mail box....typical Grant! So I drove to Burley did my photo shoot thingy and we went and had dinner and I was kind of a wreck I really didn't expect him to get his call that fast (he only sent in his papers 2 weeks before) and he was leaving in 2 months it was all happening so fast so I spent most of the night fighting tears and crying! The weird part is that when he turned his papers in I had a dream he would leave August 3rd so I told him about my dream and he goes well I really doubt that will happen that's pretty fast....sure enough he left August 3rd 2011. I really had a hard time in 10 weeks he turned in his papers got the call went through the temple packed up his stuff and left Idaho for 2 years! Talk about fast the kids that left the same he did had their calls since April and March and Grant got his June 2nd! Can you blame me for being a little overwhelmed??? So now that a year has passed I have grown so much Grant has grown so much we are definitely not the same people we were a year ago! I feel closer to him now than before even with his mission we have grown closer. The 2 months we had before he left were amazing but after that day he heart was no longer here he was in California. Now I look back and I cannot believe the person I have become and how I have changed I am so so so proud of Grant and all that he has done but I am also proud of myself for learning how to become a person without him here but still in my life. I can't even start to count the blessing that we have both received from him mission and his choice to serve the Lord and I am sure there are many more to come.