Monday, June 4, 2012

Mean Girlfriend

Sometimes I just get frustrated with Grant. I am not always the best girlfriend and even when we email sometimes it takes its toll on me. Like when the only time you get to talk to your boyfriend is on Monday and he gets on and says hey baby, and then he says who is this?, that frustrates me a little...or a lot and then when the next email you get is Hey I have to go talk to you tomorrow I love you. So then I just reply with ya bye...that's pretty sweet of me right? I know that was probably not the nicest thing I could have done but the whole conversation was just a little annoying and mother nature probably wasn't helping any. So the next thing I will have to do is apologize and I just hate doing that because I am so stubborn. I know it isn't his fault that he had to go but when you go all week and that is the only thing you hear from your boyfriend that makes it a little hard but hopefully tomorrow I get to talk to him and if not then somehow I will be okay with that. I still love him and miss him but we still have normal couple moments even with him 800 miles away! 
{I guess you could say some things never change ha}


  1. Hey, I'm caroline! I started following your blog recently and I love it! I love reading about people in the same type of situation! That being said, I totally understand what you're going through! It's so easy to get emotional and act irrationally. We just have to learn how to act past that! I hope that helps a little :)

  2. Hi Caroline! Thanks I like blogging but I doubt very many people actually read this blog haha! I did apologize and he will see it tomorrow he really is a sweetheart we're just a normal couple even when he is gone! Thanks you are a week girl!