Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 Months down 14 more to go

So today Grant has been gone for 10 months....10 very very very very very long months! So I think I will start doing the update on the 3rd of every month! So first Grant (which is always the most fun) Grant had surgery on May 21st he had 2 pins put in his wrist and will be in a cast for 6 more weeks! He is actually doing really well they tell him to take it easy and of course he cannot do that I know he is trying but he is still typing with his right hand and writing letters and going out and teaching lessons! He is up to 40 lessons a week well that is what he told me and he is in a "three-some" or as he calls it the tri-fecta (however you spell it)! He loves going and doing service and working and doing hands on stuff! He is serving in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch! That's about all in Grant! I start my summer college classes on Thursday. I have been open to dating but it just isn't working out I end up dating jerks or just avoid socializing all together! I really have no plans for summer so my update is boring sorry!

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  1. AHH 10 MONTHS!!! You lucky lucky girl :) You are almost on the down hill side of things !!