Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life of a College Girl

So Tuesday I started college! Yup I really did summer school...what was I thinking? Oh ya I was thinking if I can just get all of this done before next August I can get married and live happily ever after with Grant! Ya not as easy as I had hoped. I am taking ALLH 101 aka medical terminology and ENG 101! I love love love love love my med term class because obviously I love the medical field. English 101 ehhh not so much. It is not hard at all if that is what you are asking and it is not the teacher, she is amazing. It's the people in my class. You could say growing up in Malta has sheltered me...a lot. The closest person in age to me in that class is 22 the rest are in their upper 20's and 20's and one is 40 so i'm pretty much the baby of that class at age 18...ya. Then there is the fact that half of them have kids. Half of them can barely speak English {if you know what I mean} and then there is a couple who are mmmm I won't say. When I walk out {practically run} of that class I am worried that one will attack me. This summer semester can not be over soon enough. 

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