Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Mission Call

So exactly 1 year ago today Grant got his mission call to the San Fernando California Mission! So first here is the "call story". So I was at home in Malta getting ready to go to a photo shoot in Burley while I was doing my hair I saw Grant called so I just shrugged it off i'll call him back when I finish with my hair....a couple minutes later I get a text message that says "I'm going to California!!!" so I replied "ugh why?" and he says "I got my mission call" so once I saw that I immediately called him and he told me all about it. When he called me before it's because he wanted me to be on the phone when he opened the letter....but I didn't answer so he opened it at the mail box....typical Grant! So I drove to Burley did my photo shoot thingy and we went and had dinner and I was kind of a wreck I really didn't expect him to get his call that fast (he only sent in his papers 2 weeks before) and he was leaving in 2 months it was all happening so fast so I spent most of the night fighting tears and crying! The weird part is that when he turned his papers in I had a dream he would leave August 3rd so I told him about my dream and he goes well I really doubt that will happen that's pretty fast....sure enough he left August 3rd 2011. I really had a hard time in 10 weeks he turned in his papers got the call went through the temple packed up his stuff and left Idaho for 2 years! Talk about fast the kids that left the same he did had their calls since April and March and Grant got his June 2nd! Can you blame me for being a little overwhelmed??? So now that a year has passed I have grown so much Grant has grown so much we are definitely not the same people we were a year ago! I feel closer to him now than before even with his mission we have grown closer. The 2 months we had before he left were amazing but after that day he heart was no longer here he was in California. Now I look back and I cannot believe the person I have become and how I have changed I am so so so proud of Grant and all that he has done but I am also proud of myself for learning how to become a person without him here but still in my life. I can't even start to count the blessing that we have both received from him mission and his choice to serve the Lord and I am sure there are many more to come. 

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