Thursday, June 7, 2012


So while i'm taking classes in Burley I have a 4 hour gap in between classes so I got to Grant's house and hang out with his mom. His mom and I are pretty close, well I am close with his whole family, but he has no sisters so that kind of makes us even closer. His dad loves to tease me and interrogate me about church, Ben just likes to talk to me and he is almost like my brother now, Luke well he doesn't know what to say ha, Jake hates my guts but what 10 year old doesn't hate a girl who kisses him for pure entertainment haha. So today I drove to Paul just to chill in between classes and when I pull in his mom wasn't there which isn't a huge deal she was on her way home from the grocery store so I just went in like usual. Oscar {the dog} freaked out because I was there until I let him in the house. When I walk in the door Grant's camping chairs were in the entry way, we sat on those chairs at the 4th of July parade in Rupert. Then I take on more step, a Betaseed hat, Grant has one exactly like it. I love going to his house don't get me wrong and it really isn't awkward being there without him. When he was still here I stayed with Luke and Jake while Grant and his parents went to a temple session. We watched 1,000 ways to Die, Luke's favorite show. So obviously it isn't awkward. It just reminds me A LOT of my boyfriend. We hung out at his house a lot and my house we spent more time at our house's than we ever did at a movie theater or anywhere else. It just reminded me how much I love my boyfriend and how he is still a real person even though he is far away he is still close to my heart. Grant and I really have a unique relationship. I can honestly say that when we first started dating I didn't know if he was "the one". Some people can say they knew right away but I wasn't convinced right away. It was about a week after our first date that I started falling hard for him. If you want the long version look back in my blog to when I screwed up my ankle. Long story short he drove all the way from Paul {which is 50 miles} to see me when I couldn't even walk without crutches. He sat there with me all night and played Mario Cart on the Wii. Then we watched We are Marshall. He actually had to sit by my gross foot. I knew he was a keeper. That was the night he told me that he loved me and...I didn't say it back ha not exactly that romantic right? Well a few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and I was scared so I called Grant...he answered on the first call pretty impressive. I was so scared and he just talked to me that is when I told him that I loved him. After that we were inseparable.We would usually spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together. Sometimes even weekdays. I haven't seen him in 10 months, hugged him in 10 months, kissed him in 10 months, laughed with him in 10 months, or stared into those gorgeous brown eyes in 10 months, and I still love him! If that isn't true love then I don't know what true love is!

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