Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yes I seriously have...another post! So I was on Grant's facebook updating snooping whatever you want to call it lol and one of the people Grant taught in California started chatting with me here is the convo!
Mario: Sup fou whats cracking
Me: Sorry this isn't Grant this is his girlfriend just updating his facbook
Mario: ok nice to meet you
Me: Nice to meet you too
Mario:Elder is the best
Me: he is pretty amazing isn't he
Mario:  I like too much this guy, yes, is my friend, he used to come n visit me
Me: yeah he is up in Stevenson Ranch right now and he just had surgery so they don't let him out much!
Mario:Uuuuuup sorry to heard that My english is not that good Sorry What happen to him
Me: oh its just fine dont worry i'm glad you like Elder Stevenson he talked about you a lot. Some guy threw a beer bottle at him and he wrecked his bike he had surgery on his wrist
Me:yeah he is doing much better now
Mario:He loves you He told me
Me:oh that was pretty sweet of him I love him very much
Mario: Omg he is very nice
Me:he can be very sweet sometimes
Mario: He went to my House when he was move n he has A tear on his eyes Almost make me cry
Me: He really loved you guys I have lots of letters that he talked about your family and a few pictures with all of you
Mario:Lol realy Thats nice of him Tell him i said hi
Me: yes i really do i will tell him that you said hi
He went on for a bit about how much he adored Grant and how they took that picture with the Whitaker street sign! Ahh it's so cute they love him there and I am so proud of him for serving the Lord and these people I can really see the progress he is making when I get to talk to the members! I just love my baby so much! He is amazing! I understand if you are all jealous I don't blame you ha jk!

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