Monday, December 26, 2011


I was so spoiled this year!
I cannot begin to describe how truly grateful I am for all the people in my life!
So here is how absolutley spoiled I am!

I was so spoiled there's more clothes but you know!
My favorite present was talking to Grant though!
So I went to church with his family and cousins and after church we hurried home so he could call first his dad talked to him then me and then the rest then i got to say goodbye to him at the very end!
We talked for probably an hour or so I would guess! Ahh nothing has changed he is still my same old Granty Panties but more mature and sure of what he wants which isn't a bad thing I actually like it well okay I love it! I love him more than anything we talked like he had never left like he was still at home we still laughed and joked and said the I love you's and all of that! It was so good to hear him say I love you man I love him so much more every single day! It hasn't been easy and I know there are more bad days to come but everyday I fall more in love with him and that motivates me to keep going to stick it out because it will all be worth it in the end! I just feel so lucky and motivated to get these next 584 days done!
I can so do this!!!!!!
  okay so I made this for Grant and since he reads this blog it's the easiest way to show it to him so turn off the music on my music player thingy at the bottom and you can see some of the pictures of Grant and I haha but I have lots more! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I love Christmas time it's my favorite time of the year! I have my lights up in my room and my own little tree its just the best.This time last year Grant and I had just started talking again, you know the story, but this year it's super weird not having Grant here with me. New Years was our first date. We went to Little Fockers, it was like -17, he took me to Kiwi Loco for my very first time EVER, I went to his house and met his parents we also took Chris along with us. He kissed me for the very first time, we had our New Years kiss right at midnight...:( makes me so sad but I know it can only get better right? Just say yes to make me feel better

Monday, December 5, 2011

100 Reason why HE LOVES ME!!!!

100 Reasons why I love Taylor :D
A lot of these are a copy of why I love you so there’s one :D I love you
1. Because you love me for reasons I love you haha :D
2. Because you love me for the goofy farmboy I really am
3. Because you accept my past and look towards the future
4. I love you for letting me wear a hat on dates and my boots :D
5. I love you for always arguing with me haha I love to argue :D
6. I love that you always kiss me no matter how long it has been since I shaved
7. I love you for putting up with all my shit! I can be a handful
8. I love you because you see me different. You see a teddy bear inside the grizzly shell
9. I love your beautiful blue eyes ;D
10. I love that you rode on a dirtbike with me ;D
11. I love you because you forgave me for freaking out when I had to buy tampons!
12. I love you because you’re smarter than me
13 I love that because of you I now sing Taylor Swift in the shower
14. I love how your parents joked around about how were married or I’m the son/bro-in law
15. I love how your little brothers act like were already married and look up to me like a big brother
16. I love that your family likes me
17. I love that because of you I can properly bottle feed a calf! I cant squeeze too hard
18. I love that you don’t care about my idk what he said he has bad handwriting ;(
19. I love that you and Dakota are friends shes a cool girl
20. I love your BLOG its pretty sweet not gonna lie
21. I love that you and my brothers fed my dinner to the dog and I love that my dog loves you feet :D
22. Oh my lord I love how when you’re pissed you say shit really fast its cute
23. I love that you never got me on a horse haha
24. I loved when you would just randomly call me
25. I love that you don’t wear a ton of makeup
26. I love that you’re not a skank
27.I love that we took pictures of you on my tractor
28. I love that you let me carry you out of the movies because I was embarrassed lol
29. I love that you love me still
30. I love your brothers sisters Wilson mom and dad and princess
31. I loved sitting at basketball games talking to your dad
32. I love that you take my blanket everywhere
33. I love how you lost your dads money and I talked to that lady at panda in a Chinese accent and you were embarrassed
34. I loved when you would say sweet things
35. I love that you’re a fork hahahahahah
36. I love that you’re a good kisser :D
37. I love that you were at tech and I would come see you
38. I love that you and my mom are so close
39. I love that you still talk to my parents
40. I love that you love my stupid pictures
41. I love that you always hung out with me and Chris
42. I love that we pretended we had a baby
43. I love that you let me spoil you
44. Haha I love that you packed my bags for me haha
45. I love that you clean for me
46. I love that you have our life planned together
47. I love that my prayers about you are answered
48. I love that you call me cute names too I love it A LOT
49. I love that you failed to stay up all night on Christmas but I stayed up all night waiting for you to call me.
50. I love that our first kiss is 1-1-11 because you’re my number 1
51. I love that you talked to me
52. I love that you’re smarter than me even though I’ve been to college
53. I love how you WILL pay for my duramax one day :D
54. I loved that you said you loved me on the phone at 3 in the morning
55.  I loved how you slept on me EVERYWHERE
56. I love dancing with you
57. I love you because you act like yourself and are sill I love you silly
58. I love that your parents let us to go to the Hangover 2
59. I love how every song I hear everything I do even reading the scriptures reminds me of you
60. I love how you let me name out future sons jacx and dacx
61. I love that you’re FAITHFULLY waiting for me
62. I love that you hate John Deere and Chevy
63. I love that you hate my music because I really hate yours haha
64. I love that you NEVER ask for anything
65. I love that all your ex’s are FAGITS remember I’m the best
66. I DO NOT LOVE that you dirty dance, but I love you still
67. I love spending time with your little brothers its so much fun I love that you hang with my family
68. I love that you hated Alaska’s Best because it’s not my favorite
69. I love that you let me win haha
70. I love that you always made a damn mess in all my cars
71. I love that you get me sweet shirts and a pin for my mission I LOVE YOU
72. I love that you notice the little things that I do
73. I love that you love that I’m protective because I’m always going to be this was okay
74. I love that you fixed a pivot tire with me, you were the lugnut holder girl :D
75. I love that you’re the hottest girl I know
76. I love that you never wear that bikini
77. I love going shopping with you, yes you can believe that
78. I love how you think I hate things when I really don’t :D
79. I loved your reaction when I found your dads money
80. Steve will never be brought up again I love that your not a lesbian
81. I love that you send me calenders
82. I love that you dated mea t first when your ankle was hurt
83. I love when you send me long emails or letters
84. I love that you love to clean
85. I love that you kiss jake
86. I love that you went to the temple with me
87. I love keeping track of your money
88. I love you because you get dressed up for me and nobody else
89. I love you because you worried when Colten came home
90. I love that you notice the sacrifice made to see you
91. I love that were gonna get married in the temple
92. I love that you still call me your boyfriend…most of the time
93. I love that you listened to me talk about beets
94. I love that we’re totally different but still in love
95. I love how you want to marry me when  I get back
96. I love you eyes and smile and laugh and everything
97. I love how your dad didn’t even talk to me on the first date
98. I love tickling you
99. I love that you got me hooked on pretzel m&ms
100. I love you for you because I know deep down in my heart that you truly love me too even though you don’t always act like it I know you love me no matter what!

One of those days...

So today I woke up and I was like yes it's monday I can talk to my granty panty's ha okay well it did not work out so swell so as you noticed in my earlier post I have one gigantic kankle issue that hasn't really gone away in a year so I still struggle with it and in basketball this weekend I reinjured it and it's pretty painful, then it was -16 on my way to school this morning, and EMT was well I don't remember half of it, burnt my mouth on hot chocolate, it was weiner monday on the tech bus so I skipped lunch, personal finance and my teacher loaded us with homework on health insurance, and all the while Grant is taking FOREVER to email me back so, psychology I took a snooze yup I slept for almost and hour in class good thing my teacher is a computer, and then in practice well running with a kankle can be difficult, so on my way to my car I opened the door and as I was climbing in I slipped and hit my head on my car really really hard that I blacked out and woke up to a nice big goose egg on my head ya gotta love it, and then I come home to NO LETTER!!! I knew there was a reason I hated mondays so much.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh my

3rd post of the day haha I know you don't have to say it but I just got these :D ok here's my man


So today was rough...ok I cried all day but I realized how lucky I am that I have amazing friends who are always there for me
1. Kristy Kempton and Hailey Erickson these girls ate there for me no matter what and I can always count on them no matter what
2. GRANT even 900 miles away he makes me happy and feel good about myself and I love him more than anything!!
3. My daddy what would I do without him? I am definitely daddies girl!
4. My new friend Dakota her sweet comments and support always make me feel better when I'm down and I hope I can do the same for her when Jake leaves!
5. For our heavenly father! He loves me and I am so grateful for him
Thanks for everything you guys do for me!!

Things that make me HAPPY!!!!!!!

I got a package (that looks funny oh well to tired to change it ha) well as you all know I've been feeling pretty crummy and yep I did cry all today then my dad called and said you have a package at the post office and a novel at home!!!! I was instantly a happy happy girl! So I made my momma go get it and I opened it up and found 1. A hollywood sweater 2. Angels shirts for my brothers 3. Two very cute Hollywood shirts for me!!! 4. A cute little love note 5. A BOM with his testimony and undying love for me 6. A billion Reeses (they're my fav) 7. A dr pepper clear from the 91605!!!! It was amazing and I came home to a 30 page letter (if you count front and back as 2 I do so) I am just happy and so thankful for grant he is absolutely amazing in everyday and I love him with all my heart!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I miss Grant, I want him home, I can't stop crying. I try and be strong for him and show everyone that I'm ok but sometimes I'm not okay. So the other day I had a game in Dietrich and a couple days later in Richfield so I had to drive past his house and the first time I was ok the second I just cried and cried and cried right on the bus in front of everyone like a major looser. You know why because I saw his truck...ya that stupid truck sitting in the driveway makes me cry every time never fail. So two days later his cousin who he's pretty close to got his mission call and it was round two of endless tears...I'm such a cry baby. So I usually love Christmas time but now it just reminds me of Grant because we started dating around Christmas time and that makes me cry..see it's a vicious never-ending cycle these days. So for you girls waiting or almost waiting don't be embarrasses to cry because I can't stop these days. It's not the hormones I promise loosing your best friend and knowing you can't call him text him or anything is HARD especially since I called him when even the smallest thing went wrong! Right now I'm wishing i was friends with girls because all my guy friends are leaving on missions Casey leaves in 10 days Chris in 6 weeks.... Ok there's my poor me story but I had to vent it and I know one day I will need to look back on this to help me be happy or maybe bring on a good cry who knows. Ok so that's Casey and I and my favorite picture of grant ummm I have no pictures of Chris sorry

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Okay so by now I'm sure all of you know A LOT about Grant and so now I decided maybe you should know a little bit about is MY blog isn't it HAHA! So here's 50 facts about yours truly
1. I am a SENIOR at Raft River High School
2. The population of my hometown Malta, Idaho is...171 HA
3. There is only one hallway in my high school
4. I am a proud member of the FFA
5. I am currently FFA Vice-President ( i was secretary last year)
6. I am currently East Magic Valley District FFA Secretary
7. I am a member of NHS (National Honor Society)
8. I am the choir Vice-President OH YA
9. I am the Student Body Secretary
10. I am the HOSA(Health Occupations Students of America) Secretary
11. I am an EMT student
12. I have played volleyball 4 years and I LOVE IT
13 I have played basketball for 4 year and I HATE IT!!!!!
14. I am a pole vaulter and a sprinter
15. I am the laurels class president
16. I am the oldest of 6 children 3 boys 3 girls the brady bunch
17. I live on a farm/ranch
18. I love my cows!!!
19. I love running!
18. I love being busy
19. I am a compulive planner
20. I wear fuzzy socks...a lot
21. I am 5 ft 3 in and thats really it
22. My graduating class has 28 students
23. I love sewing
24. I am always cold
25. I hate fish
26. My room is NEVER CLEAN
27. I am very very accident prone
28. I hate BYU even if i'm a mormon...sorry
29. My favorite color changes daily
30. I would die without Dr. Pepper
31. I secretly ate all of Taryn's cookie dough and blamed it on Trace
32. I hate Grant's music
33. I like driving trucks
34. I laugh too much
35. I moved once, a mile and a half down the road
36. When I was 3 my grandpa bought me a pony
37. I am obsessed with my ipod...literally
38. I am always this random yes
39. I love teasing people
40. I love to pay for everything in change it drives everyone NUTS
41. I drive to fast everywhere
42. I am not a morning person
43. I love meeting new people
44. I own at least 7 pairs of tennis shoes and 4 of them I use for running depending on my mood
45. I love purses...I have too many
45. I refuse to pay full price for anything...well clothes you know
46. One day I want to work at COSCO or be a Wal-Mart greeter one or the other
47. I love riding horses
48. Sleeping on the trampoline is my FAVORITE!
49. When I grow up i want to be an X-Ray technician
50. Sometimes I talk too too too much

Monday, October 24, 2011

Grant Albert Stevenson

A look into the mind of the man I love...ya I do love him....
 His truck
 His dad's truck
 Beet Harvest, Crazy Farmer, you don't even know
 His pride and joy, his magazine cover
 Picture of my ex on fire, and he sent this picture to him....yup way to go Grant
 Don't ask just tell him it's cool, and pretend like you care HAHA
 I love him, I love him, oh boy I love him
 Happiest in his tractor!!!!
 His soft side, he takes pictures of sunsets
 Beets, beets, beets, and more BEETS
 The dump truck, I rode like 12 hours in this thing this summer
 The reason i'm spoiled HAHA JK
 He's faking studying, and obviously just posing right haha
 He would die, and FYI the sugar comes from sugar beets, who knew, oh wait I did
 He think he's so bad a...haha
 Loves not as much
 The thousanth tractor picture
His FFA Awards

A reason to smile on a MONDAY!!!!

So I got a FAT 32 page letter from Grant today and it just made my whole week!!! He is such an amzing guy and when I am reading his letters I actually feel kinda close to him again! I love him and it is so amazing to see how he is growing as a person, he is starting to like California a little bit more, which is good he should be enjoying his missio. Is it bad that my favorite part of the letter is when he says he misses me so much, and he loves me, and that he cant wait to come home and marry me??? Well I hope not because truthfully that is my favorite part! Ok so now onto my picture story...hmmmm where should I start? Ok this is one of my favorite days and it has a long story to go along with it oh and BTW Grant LOVES the blog he even said so in my email today ok back to the story lost my train of thought. So I am a Senior Spokesmodel for Abrey Adams Photography, and this summer we had a photoshoot. So I got ready that morning and took the truck in and picked up a tote of grain for our 4-H steers and I was going to drive over and meet Grant at Wal-mart and go hang out, well the tote tips and I freak the heck out, I called him all mad and told him to hurry up and get over here and help me fix it, well he was busy, jerkwad, so I waited in the movie theatre parking lot for AN HOUR, waiting for mr. i'm so busy to show up to help me, and by this time I was half pissed off and half crying. When he did show up I refused to get out until he fixed it, he got a little grumpy, and well he kinda fixed it but it still made me nervous so we drove clear back to the other side of Burley with it and left it. So we went to Wal-mart and got lunch..yes I did say Wal-mart. Then we drove to Murtaugh to some part of the Snake River and hiked down by the water it was pretty deep but we decided to take some pictures. And then he took me back to get ready for my photoshoot. When I was done Grant drove to Declo to pick me up and we met my parents in Burley to give them the keys to take the stupid truck with the tote home. We went to his house and his family sure got a kick out of my hair and make-up. our photoshoot was themed apocolypic warrior, well Grant laughed and his dad tried to comb my hair and take all my makeup off and then Grant drove me home but boy what it an adventure that day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Big Fat Ankle

So a week after Grant and I went on our first date I tore all the ligaments in my ankle playing basketball. I was driving in and went up for a layup and came down on someones foot instead my ankle bone went straight to the floor.My ankle was softball size instantly, the coach had me call my dad to come get me and we headed into the ER. The doctors thought I would be going straight into surgery but turns out that it wasnt broken so they had to wait until the swelling went down to see how bad the damage was. I called and told Grant and he FREAKED out he wanted to come to the ER but i told him it wasnt that big of a deal even though it hurt so bad i didnt want him to have to come and deal with me. So the next day i was pretty much bed ridden, except it was my little brothers baptism so I hobbled around at it, not gracefully I might add. That night was a saturday night and I couldnt go to Oakley for our rival game. So i was just sitting at home playing Mario Cart on the wii with my little brothers when Grant walks in, he told me he was coming to see me but i thought he was just kidding about it. So he came and he sat down by me and looked at my ankle he thought it was cool but it hurt so bad. So he spent the night playing Mario Cart with my little brothers and help babysit me. When they all went to bed we watche We are Marshall and he cuddled up with me. When the movie was over I walked him to the door and he hugged me and kissed me being very careful not to bump my ankle, then he dropped the big L bomb, yup he told me he loved me, and me being me just stood there and then said goodnight, so to ruin the perfect love story no i did not say I love you immediately to him when he said it, but i called him like a week later in the middle of the night when i had a bad dream and i told him i loved him then, and i think thats kinda cute so. The next week Grant decided to take me to the movies and we saw How do you Know. He carried my purse for me while i hobbled around, and he picked me up and put me in the truck and i thought that was kinda cute of him. I love him so much!!!!
 Not too bad but still oww about 15 minutes after it happened
 A little bit worse
 Now it looks gross right
 With my socky
 Day 2
 my huge KANKLE
1st picture together