Sunday, November 20, 2011


I miss Grant, I want him home, I can't stop crying. I try and be strong for him and show everyone that I'm ok but sometimes I'm not okay. So the other day I had a game in Dietrich and a couple days later in Richfield so I had to drive past his house and the first time I was ok the second I just cried and cried and cried right on the bus in front of everyone like a major looser. You know why because I saw his truck...ya that stupid truck sitting in the driveway makes me cry every time never fail. So two days later his cousin who he's pretty close to got his mission call and it was round two of endless tears...I'm such a cry baby. So I usually love Christmas time but now it just reminds me of Grant because we started dating around Christmas time and that makes me cry..see it's a vicious never-ending cycle these days. So for you girls waiting or almost waiting don't be embarrasses to cry because I can't stop these days. It's not the hormones I promise loosing your best friend and knowing you can't call him text him or anything is HARD especially since I called him when even the smallest thing went wrong! Right now I'm wishing i was friends with girls because all my guy friends are leaving on missions Casey leaves in 10 days Chris in 6 weeks.... Ok there's my poor me story but I had to vent it and I know one day I will need to look back on this to help me be happy or maybe bring on a good cry who knows. Ok so that's Casey and I and my favorite picture of grant ummm I have no pictures of Chris sorry

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  1. Taylor I feel so bad it has got to be so hard but seriously we should hang out! That would be so much fun! I'm always here if you want to talk :)