Monday, November 21, 2011

Things that make me HAPPY!!!!!!!

I got a package (that looks funny oh well to tired to change it ha) well as you all know I've been feeling pretty crummy and yep I did cry all today then my dad called and said you have a package at the post office and a novel at home!!!! I was instantly a happy happy girl! So I made my momma go get it and I opened it up and found 1. A hollywood sweater 2. Angels shirts for my brothers 3. Two very cute Hollywood shirts for me!!! 4. A cute little love note 5. A BOM with his testimony and undying love for me 6. A billion Reeses (they're my fav) 7. A dr pepper clear from the 91605!!!! It was amazing and I came home to a 30 page letter (if you count front and back as 2 I do so) I am just happy and so thankful for grant he is absolutely amazing in everyday and I love him with all my heart!!!!

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