Sunday, November 13, 2011


Okay so by now I'm sure all of you know A LOT about Grant and so now I decided maybe you should know a little bit about is MY blog isn't it HAHA! So here's 50 facts about yours truly
1. I am a SENIOR at Raft River High School
2. The population of my hometown Malta, Idaho is...171 HA
3. There is only one hallway in my high school
4. I am a proud member of the FFA
5. I am currently FFA Vice-President ( i was secretary last year)
6. I am currently East Magic Valley District FFA Secretary
7. I am a member of NHS (National Honor Society)
8. I am the choir Vice-President OH YA
9. I am the Student Body Secretary
10. I am the HOSA(Health Occupations Students of America) Secretary
11. I am an EMT student
12. I have played volleyball 4 years and I LOVE IT
13 I have played basketball for 4 year and I HATE IT!!!!!
14. I am a pole vaulter and a sprinter
15. I am the laurels class president
16. I am the oldest of 6 children 3 boys 3 girls the brady bunch
17. I live on a farm/ranch
18. I love my cows!!!
19. I love running!
18. I love being busy
19. I am a compulive planner
20. I wear fuzzy socks...a lot
21. I am 5 ft 3 in and thats really it
22. My graduating class has 28 students
23. I love sewing
24. I am always cold
25. I hate fish
26. My room is NEVER CLEAN
27. I am very very accident prone
28. I hate BYU even if i'm a mormon...sorry
29. My favorite color changes daily
30. I would die without Dr. Pepper
31. I secretly ate all of Taryn's cookie dough and blamed it on Trace
32. I hate Grant's music
33. I like driving trucks
34. I laugh too much
35. I moved once, a mile and a half down the road
36. When I was 3 my grandpa bought me a pony
37. I am obsessed with my ipod...literally
38. I am always this random yes
39. I love teasing people
40. I love to pay for everything in change it drives everyone NUTS
41. I drive to fast everywhere
42. I am not a morning person
43. I love meeting new people
44. I own at least 7 pairs of tennis shoes and 4 of them I use for running depending on my mood
45. I love purses...I have too many
45. I refuse to pay full price for anything...well clothes you know
46. One day I want to work at COSCO or be a Wal-Mart greeter one or the other
47. I love riding horses
48. Sleeping on the trampoline is my FAVORITE!
49. When I grow up i want to be an X-Ray technician
50. Sometimes I talk too too too much

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