Monday, February 27, 2012

February Update

So today I received a letter from Grant!!!!!!!! I drove home on my lunch period to get it! I read it the whole time in seminary so I think now is the time to update you all {even though you may not care} on everything going on in our lives as the girlfriend waiting and missionary preaching! So first Grant his companions name is Elder Carl Johnson. Grant does not get along with him very well he likes the whole Star Trek stuff and board games and Grant...does not. He recently crashed his bike{hahahaha silent laughter}, he is missing the farm but also loving his missionary work. He stays busy by reading scriptures, reading books, preaching, biking, well walking now, giving talks, fighting with Elder Johnson and missing me. Update on me, I am boring I have no life I have not done anything worth blogging about lately. I keep busy by studying to be an EMT, applying for scholarships, coaching 1st and 2nd grade basketball girls, making baby bows{ yeah obsessed is an understatement}, FFA activities, and now track! We are boring people we know but one day someone will care {or not}! So I asked Grant these questions today on email time and this is how he answered!
I girlfriend, skiing, motocross, farming, duramax's, and John Deere's!
I like...steak and potatoes, mexican food and simple food.
I hate....when things don't go my way and when I have to do stuff I don't like.
When i grow up.....I want to be a RICH farmer.
My pet peeve is....people that drive under the speed limit and people that ask the same question over and over.
He also answered them about me Ha here you go.
You love.....Grant, zebra, purple,cows, black cars, Fords, volleyball and a lot of things I don't like.
You like....chickflicks, Dr. Pepper, reeses, horses, helping people, and being a nurse
You hate....most things I do ha and people that treat you badly
When you grow up you wanna be....a nurse or an x-ray tech that kind of stuff
Your pet peeve...I honestly don't know your pet peeve I guess when i bug you!

Funny kid but honestly he knows a lot about me and I know a lot about him! We are complete and total opposites to be honest I like red tractors he loves green tractors, I love cows he hates them, I love running he loves his motorbike, he likes white cars I don't want a white car, he likes skydiving I refuse to go, he is loud and outspoken I am the quieter one, he is the morning person, I am a night person, I love Dr. Pepper he loves Pepsi, he drives too fast, I well I don't drive as fast, we never agree on food choices, okay so those are just some of our differences but it seems to work out perfectly, compromise is key in our relationship. I know it may not seem like it but I hope that those of you who actually read this can see how much we love each other. We may be different but without the other one we would not be complete. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Today is that dreaded day but it's turning out to be not too bad, Grants momma text me this morning and said Happy Valentines Day I know you miss Grant, my daddy sent me a carnation, and Grant sent me my favorite pink gerber daisies! I love him it's so sweet that 700 miles away he still makes sure I get taken care of on Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Girl

So this weekend for my EMT clinical I went and worked in the ER at Cassia Regional Medical center and you know what...I LOVED every minute of it!!!! I have had my heart set on going into radiology ever since 8th grade but now i'm considering becoming an ER nurse. It was so fun to work with all the patients and there was never a dull moment, taking vitals on people age 20 months up to 89 years old, watching start IV's watching a CT scan X-rays, a trip to the ICU, there is never a dull moment in the ER and it was an amazing experience, and I went on 2 ambulance calls oh yeah! I got to take BP, respiration's, SaO2, listen for lung sounds, talk on the radio, it was just a rush and amazing. All of the people were super super nice and I cannot wait to go back!!! I got 16 patient contacts in one night and I only need 20 but I will definitely be going back more! On another bright note I got my Valentines Day Package from my LOVER AKA Grant Stevenson, he spoils me so, 3 Bath and Body lotions that actually smelled good haha, oh and Bath and Body Works coupons ha I love him, an iTunes card, a little love, note, SOCKS fuzzy ones I am obsessed with fuzzy socks, and candy ahhh yes I love him, and a funny Valentine's card which has become a traditions so here I will share last years card and this years card and see if you can find the similarity.
Valentines Card 2011
To the Girl I love on Valentines Day
I love your luscious lips and eyes, I love your legs, your hips, your thighs, 
I love your sexy feet and toes, I love your neck, your knees, your nose,
I love your awesome hear and mind,
I also love your nice behind!
Happy Valentines Day with Lots of Love

Valentines Card 2012
A Valentine poem for the woman I love
I love your eyes,your nose,your lips!
I love your navel and your hips...
I love your sexy back and arms.
I love your lets just call 'em charms 
I love your thighs and nice behind...
I even love you for your mind
Happy Valentines Day
{Kinda stupid but I wanted one that was funny! I love you sweetie! MUUUAAAHHHH
Happy Valentines Day! Love Grant Stevenson}

I just love him so much! Sometimes I don't feel good enough for him because he is so perfect for me. I will be honest I can be a down right hard person to get along with. I am very stubborn in my own ways, I do things my own way not someone else's and that includes Grant's way but somehow he always put up with that. I am a planner and an organizer and an overachiever, {except when it comes to my bedroom its a wreck} I am all that stuff I always talk about involved in everything my small town offers and I am always busy, Grant on the other hand is very laid back go with the flow whatever type of attitude, he is a hoarder my friends I have thrown things away since he left and I'm sure his mother and I will have more things gone when before he comes home, { I want to make a t-shirt quilt out of all the shirts he owns but I have never seen him wear} ok back on subject he puts up with my lists and my obsessive planning, and my control freak issues which I am getting better at but will never fully let go. I LOVE him so much, I have so many pictures of us up in my room and I wake up every morning and every night before I go to bed and I tell my Heavenly Father how grateful I am to have such an amazing man in my life even though he is hundreds of miles away and I can't talk to him Grant is still a huge part of my life, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Worst holiday ever!

So Grant was upset that I hadn't posted anything for the month of February so here's a post about how I hate Valentine's day, usually i love it but not this year...
1. Grant is gone so no valentines gifts for me
2. February is a cold month
3. Everyone is so lovey dovey for no reason
4. I hate the color red...Oakley color ew
5. It's the slowest month of the year
6. I have to run in the cold for the first 800 then it's too hot
7. Nothing can top last years valentines because I got candy, a diamond ring, flowers, a card, taken out to a steak dinner! See nothing possibly could top that
So to celebrate this year I am skipping school and going to the flower shop to do my senior project yay me!