Monday, February 27, 2012

February Update

So today I received a letter from Grant!!!!!!!! I drove home on my lunch period to get it! I read it the whole time in seminary so I think now is the time to update you all {even though you may not care} on everything going on in our lives as the girlfriend waiting and missionary preaching! So first Grant his companions name is Elder Carl Johnson. Grant does not get along with him very well he likes the whole Star Trek stuff and board games and Grant...does not. He recently crashed his bike{hahahaha silent laughter}, he is missing the farm but also loving his missionary work. He stays busy by reading scriptures, reading books, preaching, biking, well walking now, giving talks, fighting with Elder Johnson and missing me. Update on me, I am boring I have no life I have not done anything worth blogging about lately. I keep busy by studying to be an EMT, applying for scholarships, coaching 1st and 2nd grade basketball girls, making baby bows{ yeah obsessed is an understatement}, FFA activities, and now track! We are boring people we know but one day someone will care {or not}! So I asked Grant these questions today on email time and this is how he answered!
I girlfriend, skiing, motocross, farming, duramax's, and John Deere's!
I like...steak and potatoes, mexican food and simple food.
I hate....when things don't go my way and when I have to do stuff I don't like.
When i grow up.....I want to be a RICH farmer.
My pet peeve is....people that drive under the speed limit and people that ask the same question over and over.
He also answered them about me Ha here you go.
You love.....Grant, zebra, purple,cows, black cars, Fords, volleyball and a lot of things I don't like.
You like....chickflicks, Dr. Pepper, reeses, horses, helping people, and being a nurse
You hate....most things I do ha and people that treat you badly
When you grow up you wanna be....a nurse or an x-ray tech that kind of stuff
Your pet peeve...I honestly don't know your pet peeve I guess when i bug you!

Funny kid but honestly he knows a lot about me and I know a lot about him! We are complete and total opposites to be honest I like red tractors he loves green tractors, I love cows he hates them, I love running he loves his motorbike, he likes white cars I don't want a white car, he likes skydiving I refuse to go, he is loud and outspoken I am the quieter one, he is the morning person, I am a night person, I love Dr. Pepper he loves Pepsi, he drives too fast, I well I don't drive as fast, we never agree on food choices, okay so those are just some of our differences but it seems to work out perfectly, compromise is key in our relationship. I know it may not seem like it but I hope that those of you who actually read this can see how much we love each other. We may be different but without the other one we would not be complete. 

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  1. That was way cute. It is funny that you two are opposites because me and Jake are a lot the same and its cool to see that both work :) And yes please lets be waiting buddies :)