Monday, December 31, 2012

2 Years

2 years ago tonight Grant took me on our first "official" date. He came to pick me up and it was like -20 degree's, okay maybe i'm exaggerating a little but it was pretty dang cold. When he came to pick me up I was pretty nervous but it wasn't awkward at all. We had hung out before and I was pretty excited. We decided to go to a movie and his cousin Chris was supposed to get a date but she baled last minute so I told Grant to have him come anyway. We went to Little Fockers it was pretty funny. After the movie he took me to Kiwi Loco for the first time ever. Then we decided to go meet his parents, on the first date, I know. Then after that we just drove around some and we stopped and were listening to music and he kissed me, yup on the first date, but it was a pretty good kiss. Then we decided we better get home so we drove home and talked the whole way home. When it was about to hit midnight Grant pulled over and I got my New Years kiss pretty cool huh! After that he took me home and the rest is history. After that date Grant and I were inseparable we spent every weekend together even most Sunday's. I love him more than anything and I am so grateful for him and all that he does for me. Even after 2 years I am still pretty in love with him and I cannot wait until July 31, 2013 for Grant to come home!


Basketball consumed my life and on January 20, 2012 Grant and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!
Senior pictures and the ever dreaded Valentine's Day, and my favorite EMT clinicals at the ER!
This cute kid celebrated his 6 month mark!
I was in a was awful, I participated in mock disaster for EMT class, and loved pole vaulting for track..
I turned 18 years old adult status!
May was a crazy month. Grant has surgery on his wrist :(, I took my EMT practical test and PASSED, graduated from CSI, Seminary, Tech, and of course Raft River High School, participated in state track, and went to prom.

June was full of family camping trips and just enjoying my summer before college, oh wait I went to college in the summer to just kidding.

July I helped Taryn and Trace with their steers for the fair and enjoyed lazy days at the ranch with Taryn!

Moved out on my own for the first time!

September was mostly full of drama that I did not want. Turns out the majority of my roommates were crazy and living at Campus Park was just not working out so I decided to look for another place to live but in the mean time I enjoyed lots of tractor time during spud harvest!

October is by far my favorite month ever. I love Halloween, volleyball tournaments, and beet harvest....what can I say I am forever a farm girl! I also moved into a new apartment with  non crazy roommates. The Twins got baptized, and we had lots of sibling movie dates. Poor Grant had yet another surgery poor thing :(

Most of November I was sick and that was awful awful awful. I was even sick on Thanksgiving. But we did decorate out cute apartment Christmas tree.
December was really busy with finals but we did get a quick trip in to Rock Creek, and dyed Alaina's hair.

Overall 2012 was a year full of ups and downs and lots of major growing experiences. I graduated form high school, went to college in the summer, moved out and went to college in the fall, I have learned how to pay my own bills and budget. I was accepted into an amazing program and I am so excited for next semester to continue with my education and I know that 2013 will be amazing because GRANT IS COMING HOME THIS YEAR!!!!! 212 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stevenson Family Christmas Party

Saturday night was the annual Stevenson Family Christmas Party and I was invited! It was at Grant's parents house so I drove out there a little early to help his mom get ready. The whole family came and we all ate dinner together, watched Youtube video's, and listened to Grandma Stevenson tell stories about her life. It was a really neat experience and I really love spending time with Grant's family and I love them all so much. I am so lucky that his family is so supportive and inviting. 


So first of all I have to admit that I am AWFUL at taking pictures. Instagram is so much easier than posting them on a blog sorry. So Christmas morning started off listening to my little brothers wake up on and off until 6:30 then they were positive that it was time to wake up. We all got up and did our gifts and all of that fun stuff. Then it was NAP TIME and play with your new stuff, I chose nap time....of course! Then we all go to my Grandma and Grandpa Whitaker's for a big lunch, and I mean our Christmas dinner is as big or bigger than Thanksgiving dinner. Then we go to Nanna's house and open presents, and then more napping (we are pretty lazy on Christmas). In the evening I went to Grant's house to patiently wait for him to call. He called at 7 and talked for an hour and then had to go home so he called back again at 9 and his parents talked then finally I was the only one left. I got to talk to him for probably 45 minutes I would guess. It's so nice to know that he isn't weird, he is still Grant. He has grown so much and matured and has a much stronger testimony but he is not "weird" so hopefully he stays growing but not getting weird. We had the best conversation about everything and anything we could think of! I miss that kid so much but I know that he is out there serving the lord and he is where he is supposed to be. We have both grown so much from this experience and I know that even though it is hard and sometimes we want to give up in the end we will be so blessed and be much better people because of this experience. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of the SEMESTER!

2nd semester of college COMPLETE! Happy Day! Okay not really so my last final was Wednesday morning, my hardest final, BIOL 127. It was at 8 am (kill me). I woke up at 6:30 got dressed and all ready then I went out to load the last of my thing in my car, well come to find out I shut my trunk that had the bag that my car keys were in, the spares were in the cup holder so I was locked out of my car. So my roommate had to drive me to my final. When I got back to my apartment I called a locksmith and he came and unlocked my car. So it was a long morning but I have never been so happy to be MALTA BOUND in my life. I love this tiny town and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! All in all this semester has been such a great learning experience for me. I have had some awful roommates, experienced my 1st and hopefully last, mid semester move, found out who my true friends were, found some amazing roommates, and many more amazing growing experiences. I am so excited for next semester....ALL MEDICAL CLASSES!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE GRANT'S RETURN DATE!!!!
July 31st 2013
I will have my man back WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
I was studying for finals when I read Grant's email and I literally screamed and clapped like a little kid. I scared my roommate who was sitting on the couch next to me. I am so excited so I am not counting down to July 31st 2013 YA!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alaina's new hair

Oh the things you do at college! My roommate wanted her hair done and she didn't want to go to a salon so she wanted me to do it! Mind you I have never dyed hair before I have only had it done to myself a million times so I figured what the heck I can totally do this!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rock Creek

I have always wanted to go and see the lights and I think I did when I was little (or so my parents tell me) but I actually wanted to remember this time. So Caleb and Chris invited my roommates and I to go with them! It was such a neat experience and I am glad that I got to go.

Monday, December 3, 2012

16 Months Down

2/3 DONE!!!! That's right I only have 8 months left! It has gone so fast the last few months and I can't say that I am sad about that. College is making time fly for me and hopefully it just continues to fly by and then he will be home. So I guess this is kind of my November update so here is what I did in November.....yup that it is nothing I was sick the majority of the month and I still am and the doctors are thinking I have mono because I seem to catch anything and everything. I have had flu like symptoms for 2 weeks, then tonsillitis for a week, and this week I have the normal cold symptoms, scratchy throat, runny nose, fever spikes, tired, achy. I know it's a little whiny but it's true I am sick and was sick all of November. Grant has been loving his mission, loving his companions, loving the work! I am so happy that he is enjoying his mission and I can really tell that he loves the people he is working with. He is still the zone leader which is pretty important. I hear from everyone what a good missionary he is and it makes me so proud of him. I know that his work ethic has continued on through his mission and I know that he will not give up! I am so grateful for this mission it has both of us so much stronger as individuals and as a couple. I know that his mission has blessed me in so many ways and I love him for the sacrifice he has made to serve a mission.