Monday, December 3, 2012

16 Months Down

2/3 DONE!!!! That's right I only have 8 months left! It has gone so fast the last few months and I can't say that I am sad about that. College is making time fly for me and hopefully it just continues to fly by and then he will be home. So I guess this is kind of my November update so here is what I did in November.....yup that it is nothing I was sick the majority of the month and I still am and the doctors are thinking I have mono because I seem to catch anything and everything. I have had flu like symptoms for 2 weeks, then tonsillitis for a week, and this week I have the normal cold symptoms, scratchy throat, runny nose, fever spikes, tired, achy. I know it's a little whiny but it's true I am sick and was sick all of November. Grant has been loving his mission, loving his companions, loving the work! I am so happy that he is enjoying his mission and I can really tell that he loves the people he is working with. He is still the zone leader which is pretty important. I hear from everyone what a good missionary he is and it makes me so proud of him. I know that his work ethic has continued on through his mission and I know that he will not give up! I am so grateful for this mission it has both of us so much stronger as individuals and as a couple. I know that his mission has blessed me in so many ways and I love him for the sacrifice he has made to serve a mission.

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  1. AHHHH 8 months left???!?!?! That is soo exciting :) You two are the cutest! I'm sorry you have been sick all month that is no fun but dang 16 months down that has to make you feel better haha :)