Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So first of all I have to admit that I am AWFUL at taking pictures. Instagram is so much easier than posting them on a blog sorry. So Christmas morning started off listening to my little brothers wake up on and off until 6:30 then they were positive that it was time to wake up. We all got up and did our gifts and all of that fun stuff. Then it was NAP TIME and play with your new stuff, I chose nap time....of course! Then we all go to my Grandma and Grandpa Whitaker's for a big lunch, and I mean our Christmas dinner is as big or bigger than Thanksgiving dinner. Then we go to Nanna's house and open presents, and then more napping (we are pretty lazy on Christmas). In the evening I went to Grant's house to patiently wait for him to call. He called at 7 and talked for an hour and then had to go home so he called back again at 9 and his parents talked then finally I was the only one left. I got to talk to him for probably 45 minutes I would guess. It's so nice to know that he isn't weird, he is still Grant. He has grown so much and matured and has a much stronger testimony but he is not "weird" so hopefully he stays growing but not getting weird. We had the best conversation about everything and anything we could think of! I miss that kid so much but I know that he is out there serving the lord and he is where he is supposed to be. We have both grown so much from this experience and I know that even though it is hard and sometimes we want to give up in the end we will be so blessed and be much better people because of this experience. 

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