Monday, December 5, 2011

100 Reason why HE LOVES ME!!!!

100 Reasons why I love Taylor :D
A lot of these are a copy of why I love you so there’s one :D I love you
1. Because you love me for reasons I love you haha :D
2. Because you love me for the goofy farmboy I really am
3. Because you accept my past and look towards the future
4. I love you for letting me wear a hat on dates and my boots :D
5. I love you for always arguing with me haha I love to argue :D
6. I love that you always kiss me no matter how long it has been since I shaved
7. I love you for putting up with all my shit! I can be a handful
8. I love you because you see me different. You see a teddy bear inside the grizzly shell
9. I love your beautiful blue eyes ;D
10. I love that you rode on a dirtbike with me ;D
11. I love you because you forgave me for freaking out when I had to buy tampons!
12. I love you because you’re smarter than me
13 I love that because of you I now sing Taylor Swift in the shower
14. I love how your parents joked around about how were married or I’m the son/bro-in law
15. I love how your little brothers act like were already married and look up to me like a big brother
16. I love that your family likes me
17. I love that because of you I can properly bottle feed a calf! I cant squeeze too hard
18. I love that you don’t care about my idk what he said he has bad handwriting ;(
19. I love that you and Dakota are friends shes a cool girl
20. I love your BLOG its pretty sweet not gonna lie
21. I love that you and my brothers fed my dinner to the dog and I love that my dog loves you feet :D
22. Oh my lord I love how when you’re pissed you say shit really fast its cute
23. I love that you never got me on a horse haha
24. I loved when you would just randomly call me
25. I love that you don’t wear a ton of makeup
26. I love that you’re not a skank
27.I love that we took pictures of you on my tractor
28. I love that you let me carry you out of the movies because I was embarrassed lol
29. I love that you love me still
30. I love your brothers sisters Wilson mom and dad and princess
31. I loved sitting at basketball games talking to your dad
32. I love that you take my blanket everywhere
33. I love how you lost your dads money and I talked to that lady at panda in a Chinese accent and you were embarrassed
34. I loved when you would say sweet things
35. I love that you’re a fork hahahahahah
36. I love that you’re a good kisser :D
37. I love that you were at tech and I would come see you
38. I love that you and my mom are so close
39. I love that you still talk to my parents
40. I love that you love my stupid pictures
41. I love that you always hung out with me and Chris
42. I love that we pretended we had a baby
43. I love that you let me spoil you
44. Haha I love that you packed my bags for me haha
45. I love that you clean for me
46. I love that you have our life planned together
47. I love that my prayers about you are answered
48. I love that you call me cute names too I love it A LOT
49. I love that you failed to stay up all night on Christmas but I stayed up all night waiting for you to call me.
50. I love that our first kiss is 1-1-11 because you’re my number 1
51. I love that you talked to me
52. I love that you’re smarter than me even though I’ve been to college
53. I love how you WILL pay for my duramax one day :D
54. I loved that you said you loved me on the phone at 3 in the morning
55.  I loved how you slept on me EVERYWHERE
56. I love dancing with you
57. I love you because you act like yourself and are sill I love you silly
58. I love that your parents let us to go to the Hangover 2
59. I love how every song I hear everything I do even reading the scriptures reminds me of you
60. I love how you let me name out future sons jacx and dacx
61. I love that you’re FAITHFULLY waiting for me
62. I love that you hate John Deere and Chevy
63. I love that you hate my music because I really hate yours haha
64. I love that you NEVER ask for anything
65. I love that all your ex’s are FAGITS remember I’m the best
66. I DO NOT LOVE that you dirty dance, but I love you still
67. I love spending time with your little brothers its so much fun I love that you hang with my family
68. I love that you hated Alaska’s Best because it’s not my favorite
69. I love that you let me win haha
70. I love that you always made a damn mess in all my cars
71. I love that you get me sweet shirts and a pin for my mission I LOVE YOU
72. I love that you notice the little things that I do
73. I love that you love that I’m protective because I’m always going to be this was okay
74. I love that you fixed a pivot tire with me, you were the lugnut holder girl :D
75. I love that you’re the hottest girl I know
76. I love that you never wear that bikini
77. I love going shopping with you, yes you can believe that
78. I love how you think I hate things when I really don’t :D
79. I loved your reaction when I found your dads money
80. Steve will never be brought up again I love that your not a lesbian
81. I love that you send me calenders
82. I love that you dated mea t first when your ankle was hurt
83. I love when you send me long emails or letters
84. I love that you love to clean
85. I love that you kiss jake
86. I love that you went to the temple with me
87. I love keeping track of your money
88. I love you because you get dressed up for me and nobody else
89. I love you because you worried when Colten came home
90. I love that you notice the sacrifice made to see you
91. I love that were gonna get married in the temple
92. I love that you still call me your boyfriend…most of the time
93. I love that you listened to me talk about beets
94. I love that we’re totally different but still in love
95. I love how you want to marry me when  I get back
96. I love you eyes and smile and laugh and everything
97. I love how your dad didn’t even talk to me on the first date
98. I love tickling you
99. I love that you got me hooked on pretzel m&ms
100. I love you for you because I know deep down in my heart that you truly love me too even though you don’t always act like it I know you love me no matter what!

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  1. O my heck Taylor you make me laugh so hard, you two are so cute! I was sitting in class reading some of these and I started laughing and got some weird looks :) I am soo sorry I didn't come see you we got home late on Sunday and I left for school Monday morning! And I'm sorry about your Monday that didn't sound fun!