Monday, December 5, 2011

One of those days...

So today I woke up and I was like yes it's monday I can talk to my granty panty's ha okay well it did not work out so swell so as you noticed in my earlier post I have one gigantic kankle issue that hasn't really gone away in a year so I still struggle with it and in basketball this weekend I reinjured it and it's pretty painful, then it was -16 on my way to school this morning, and EMT was well I don't remember half of it, burnt my mouth on hot chocolate, it was weiner monday on the tech bus so I skipped lunch, personal finance and my teacher loaded us with homework on health insurance, and all the while Grant is taking FOREVER to email me back so, psychology I took a snooze yup I slept for almost and hour in class good thing my teacher is a computer, and then in practice well running with a kankle can be difficult, so on my way to my car I opened the door and as I was climbing in I slipped and hit my head on my car really really hard that I blacked out and woke up to a nice big goose egg on my head ya gotta love it, and then I come home to NO LETTER!!! I knew there was a reason I hated mondays so much.

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