Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The love of my LIFE!

So lately I have been feeling pretty down on myself for A LOT of reasons none I will  name though, but I do get some pretty sweet emails from this wonderful boy and he makes my day so I thought I would share...maybe they will help you and maybe you will just laugh who knows ha!
October 17, 2011
Well honey love i just wanna start off by saying how much i love you and how greatfull i am to have you! and how beautiful you are :D wheres my letter lady i want it!! haha im patient just dont take months please so yeah i cant wait to marry you my computer is being gay so i dont have alot of time grr yea it sucks but ohhh well. Just dont forget about our end goal Eternal marriage and an eternal family together i know we can make it through this together not alone but together!! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH Taylor MUAAAHHHHH happy 9 months thursday :D i love you baby have a good week :D
October 11, 2011
Wow taryn has a boyfriend thats crazy haha who is he? hey mee too sundays are hard for me becasue it seems liek there always talking about familys and getting married and stuff and yeah i just miss you alot baby! baby thank you for embarking on this journy wiht me i know its hard but i know we can do it you didnt have to but i love you so much and are so happy that you'v chosen to take this path with me. its not easy its hard in fact but i know in the end it will be worth it! Taylor i wanna marry you !!! Our life will be bless ethernally from this not just me but US!! haha you stole my ipod? remember when we first started dating and you were like can i have your ipod when you leave and i said no haha looks like you got your way didnt you hahah i miss normal music sooooo baddddd!!!!! i miss you and everything about us sooooo much remember our first kiss or the first time you told me you loved me at 3 in the morning when you called me and had a bad dream and i was trying to comfort you. i was thinking about that last night i love you so much!! I will love you forever i wanna go to the temple with you!! our family will be eternal i know it i know it will i know we can make it through this and i know our family will be eternal:D ahhh you make me so happy i cant wait to go to the temple with you and make those promises and covnents to be togehter for eternithy in front of our hevenly father and our family im so excited for that:D wow baby im so happy for you im so proud of you for trying thats all god asks is to try but im thankfull your making the effort to understand it and so proud of you your testimony has grown so much im so happy for you and proud of you this is really a big step in life baby your really an amazing young lady and i love you more then anything i know god will hold us together through this! i know through prayer and reading the scriptures and keeping the comandments trying to become closer to god and more christlike you will gain peace anc comfort and happiness and all the things in life you want all your dreams will come true it will be easyer to cope with life and everything it throws at you i know its not easy but i can personally promise you that if you keep the commandment live the gospel try to under stand it keep the law of chastity and word of wisdom do what you suppose to pry for help and have faith that things will work out they will and it will be alot easyer then it is without the gospel. i promise you im not saying this because im preachy or churchy im saying this because i love you and know this will help you with you life and help you with all the chalanges you face. satan gives you so many trial and chalanges because he knows your strong and knows you have a strong testimony so hes trying to tear you down he focus on the strongest the most. im so proud of you taylor i encourage you to continue to grow in the church my letter will say more. apply the things you learn i know they will bless you and help you trust me i know they will!! I promise when i come home i will never leave you again we will be together foever i love you soooo much Muaaaaahhhh you make me so happy i cant wait to get married im really so proud of you you really are a elect daughter of god im so happy for you i pray for you everysingle night!! promise me youl be there waitng when i return promise me youl be worthy to enther the temple when i get home not after i get home the day i get there!! im so happy i have you you always make me feel better always comfort me and make me feel good again your gonna be my girlfriend for the next 2 years were not gonna break up were gonnna be together forever i know it. Im so happy i have a strong girlfriend back in malta idaho to bring me back up when im down to strengthen me and keep me strong. the same goes for you wiht me im sill your boyfriend even though im a 1000 miles away im still here im just a letter or email away i wish we coulda chatted today but i know your busy but i know we'll be blessed one day from your willingness to stay busy and press forward in life. I Love You Taylor soooooo freaking much you dont even know i wanna spend eternity with you and be together forever!! All my everything heart, soul, spirit, smile hugs and kisses and most of all my Love and Kisses Baby i love you Muuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D Take care baby cakes stay
October 3,2011
You are simply amazing in everyway and i love you so much stay strong and remmeber who you are and that i love you so much i cant wait to marry my AMazing Beatuiful Girlfriend waiting for me back in Malta Idaho Muuuuaaaaahhhhh I LOVE YOU BABYCAKES 1-20-2011<3
So there you have it, now you can see why I love this guy so much! Isn't he just fantastic ;)

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