Saturday, January 28, 2012

The evil cold virus

So I have a cold I think what started out as an I feel fine cough turned into a stuffy nose which turned into a pounding headache followed by a fever and the chills sounds fabulous right? NO!!! So you're probably thinking oh she misses Grant but actually no I do but I don' see Grant is a pesterer if that's a word! When I was sick he was always "oh sweetie I'll take care of you" sounds cute right but once I'd get to sleep all cuddles up and stuff then he would start messing with me even if I was sick...that's just his way. It was pretty much stop touching me, Grant seriously knock it off. Eventually I would get up and move then he knew I was seriously sick. So he would get me back then came the nicknames sniffles pukey whatever he could think of. I love him to death but he drove me nuts. So last night I felt blah so I fell asleep and wouldn't you know it Grant bugged me in my sleep I think he knew somehow but ya! So I'm cuddled up eating Lipton soup the only soup when you're sick ad far as im concerned in my fav purple bowl missing Grant but glad he isn't here bugging me! Sweetie when you read this you will laugh but I still love you just not when I'm sick well still when I'm sick just not the bugging me part :)

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