Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

So this New Year's was no where near as good as last New Year's but none the less another year down and I actually have a lot to look forward to this year like....
1. Graduation
2. 18th Birthday
3. College
4. At the end of this year Grant will only have 214 days left!
5. One Tree Hill Season 9!!!!!!
Well there's a lot more than that but those are the main ones on my mind right now. So I was going crazy because Grant's package to me wasn't there on time it finally came Wednesday and this is what was inside...a new Hollister hoodies FROM CALI okay so I was excited and thought it was cool my favorite candy, a new church coat, a picture frame...zebra and a long letter to make me happy! I love him so much words cannot describe. Last year I rang in the New Year making out with that cute boy...this year I was watching 17 miracles and filling out FAFSA and next year probably something else lame...but in two years I plan to be making out with that boy again! Happy New Year!!!!!!!1

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