Monday, January 9, 2012


Okay so I thought I would share some hints and stories short ones with you guys if you are waiting or considering waiting for a missionary
1. Cry all you want!! Doesn't make sense but crying helps get all the pain out even in month 6 I cry so bawl your pretty eyes out!!!!
2. Stalk MG blogs...creepy but helpful
3. Make a countdown I personally have four just on my iPod ha
4. Stay close with his family! I LOVE the Stevenson's I'm already the spoiled daughter mamma Stevenson bought me the cutest purse for Christmas
5. Tell him you love him! I love saying it and hearing and I know he does too!
6. Busy busy busy I have 12 college credits EMT sports I make hair bows quilts blog anti social but busy
7. Dating???? Depends on the day somedays I want to date others I ignore the whole male population so go with your heart
8. Don't be afraid to live in his hoodies! I do I have the minico FFA for sleep and the fox and Hurley and then the sprinkler shop and Hollywood and the hollister and aber one he bought for school okay remember you're taking advice from the girl who owns 30+ jackets and hoodies
9. Read the Book of Mormon it's actually good I'm in Helamen 5 already and I WILL finish it by February
10. Make good friends they will help you so much!!!

Well I hope this helped if not at least I gave it a try!

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  1. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor....Wonderful post :) I love hearing stuff like this! I'm jealous your missionary is already out there and you've already counted down 6 months!! Thats 1/4 done!!