Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I miss Grant a lot lot lot! He is my rock this sounds silly but I'm so scared of storms and I'd call him even in the middle of the night or when I was sick or just lonely or had a bad dream. Last night I was so scared I cried and cried and called my voicemail to listen to old voicemails from him. It's so hard to not pick up the phone and call him and have him make me feel better! On the bright side I realize more everyday how lucky I am to have a man like him to take care of me and love me. Sorry to all the other girls out there but I have the most amazing man in the world and he is all mine forever!!! I love you Grant Albert Stevenson!


  1. Taylor,
    That made me sad....just think, you're like 1/4 of the way done!!! :)

  2. Kota I love you and yeah I'm sad 24/7 ha but it's okay!