Tuesday, May 29, 2012

random blog remodel!

So obviously if you are reading this and by looks of the title I remodeled the blog! I thought it was time and now that I have free time I can sit down and decide what I like and what I wanted on the blog. It took me a little while since I know nothing about how to design a blog in the first place but I think it turned out cute and all summery right? So lately I have just been sick and tired of boys in general every guy who talks to me just reminds me how much better Grant is! I truly have an amazing boyfriend who will put up with all of me and my craziness! He deals with my planning OCD I seriously cannot function without a plan! In our email chat we figured out some of the things that are on my mind and it was so good to have a normal conversation with him! I know I ramble on and on and on about how amazing he is but I truly adore this kid and cannot imagine what my life would be like without him in it! He is everything I ever hoped for in a person and I feel so lucky to have found someone like him at this age I mean we met when I was 15 and started dating when I was 16! He has almost been gone 10 months he has been gone exactly 301 days that my friends is a long time. So since most of you want to hear about me waiting for him I think I will summarize the wait a little ha here goes.
Month 1 August- Probably the slowest month that I have ever lived through! Crying myself to sleep was the norm or I would call my closest friend who was a guy and left on a mission in November. I took up blogging that month to keep me busy I had a steer at the fair and I started my senior year in high school!
Month 2 September- This month went fairly fast in comparison I was busy with school, volleyball, college classes (in high school), and keeping up with anything else. At this point I was completely anti-dating all I really wanted to do was sit and home and do my own thing for a change.
Month 3 October- I struggled this month quite a bit! It was beet harvest so I was reminded of Grant a lot, kind of dated, was bothered by my ex-boyfriend, I wore sweats to school...more than one time (which is not normal for me), and I just in general did not enjoy October how sad since it is my favorite month.
Month 4 November-November was another hard month for me during the holidays girls get as lonely as their missionaries. I was seriously depressed and I remember one HUGE breakdown where I cried and cried and just it was bad. I also got my first package this month!
Month 5 December- I love love love Christmas so nothing was going to bring me down this month! I worked hard in school, played basketball and hated every second but I did it. Shopped for Christmas gifts froze at a live nativity. I got to talk to him on Christmas best present ever! 
Month 6 January- I had finals so I was busy busy busy but when January 20th rolled around I did cry that was our 1 year anniversary and he was gone! I honestly dont remember January all that well.
Month 7 February- Not a bad month even though I hate February this is when time really started to fly by for us I got a sweet little Valentines package and at this point I really started to focus more on me.
Month 8 March- Track was in full swing and time continued to fly by I was hard at work on EMT stuff and class so it was easy.
Month 9 April- I became a legal adult this month! I considered dating but when it came down to it I just had no desire to go out with anyone all the previous haha all 3 that I had been on turned out awkward and weird. 
Month 10 May- Super stressful month for me and for Grant as well. Less letters but a lot more email time. I graduated he had surgery which was super hard for me and him so we both did some growing up. Time is still flying.

So you can see everything changes month to month and even day to day. I am not saying anyone else's journey is at all like this but after a while life does go on without him and you find yourself and grow so much as a person. I am not even close to the same girl I was 10 months ago but the great thing is Grant still knows who I am because I dont try and pretend I am the same person. Staying together is possible if you are both willing to work at it!

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