Monday, October 8, 2012

October Update

Time for the October Update! First of all I have to tell this cute little story. So on Sunday I was home watching conference and relaxing and I get a message from Grant! I was so excited and we got to chat for 3 hours, I know I am pretty spoiled. Apparently he was paying attention to conference because he said he emailed me just to tell me that he loved me and I was beautiful, he listened to President Monson's talk obviously, and of course I teased him about it. He says that he was going to tell me anyway, but I think the talk reminded him ha, I love that boy. So first my update I guess. I am going to school in Twin Falls, I come home EVERY weekend, I am doing pretty good in all of my classes, my social life is a joke, yup that is my update for you. Grant is having surgery on October 22. I am pretty nervous for him but I know that he can overcome this and it will be okay in the end one way or another. He is really enjoying his mission now and is working really hard. Today marks 299 days left, no more 300's!

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  1. Hey your blog is stinkin' cute :) And I hope all goes well with Grant's surgery...if you need anything let me know..I will be home for the next 3 weekends! Also I am so excited for you that you are out of the 300's :) You are getting there!!!