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Better late than never!

So I have slacked a little on blogging lately because Pinterest and I got back together, you see I was obsessed then I decided to end it and well now we are back together so now that is where I spend all my time...anyways I made Grant fill out this cute little application to date a daughter of God and his answers were pretty hilarious I must share...okay so I tried but I can't so I will just tell you some of the best parts ha okay I will share this one though...I made him fill out a survey...It is long so just follow along sorry!
Survey #1
Basic Missionary’s (girlfriend) Survey

1.       What is your girlfriend’s name? Taylor

2.       How long have you known each other? Since I was a senior

3.       Where did you meet? Blackfoot Fair

4.       Describe her a little! She's short funny sweet and beautiful

5.       What do you love about her? the fact that she loves me

6.       What is your favorite memory of the two of you?running in front of the truck headlights in Kimimah 

7.       What is she doing while you’re on your mission? moving on with life

8.       What is the hardest part of being away from her? just not talking and seeing her

9.       What do you think will happen when you get home, how do you see it playing out? hopefully we get hitched

10. What has helped you not be homesick? working hard

11. Describe your relationship and what kind of couple you are! not normal we love to argue haha 

12. Fill in the blank….Sometimes I wish I could…kiss her!

13. What are you feelings about her waiting?I just want her to take whatever path she feels is right. If she feels like some other guy is right then I dont want to hold her back because I can't expect her to put her life on hold for me.
 Survey #2
Girlfriend Trivia
-About Your Girlfriend Trivia-

1. What's your girlfriend's middle name? Leigh

2. Who is her favorite relative?
Grandpa Whitaker

3. What is her favorite color?

4. What is her greatest fear? the dark

5. Did she ever wear braces? yes

6. If applicable, who has helped her feel better at home thus far?

7. What is a secret talent she possesses?
crafts and crap my mom does

8. If applicable, what perfume does she wear?
american eagle or aeropostale

9. What is her favorite movie?
The Hangover

10. Does she get along better with her mom or dad? Dad

11. What's something she likes about herself? her eyes/ legs

12. What does she want to be when she 'grows up'? (ha ha) Nurse

13. What does she like most about you? my smile probably

14. How many kids does she want? 4 or 5

15. What is her favorite holiday? Halloween

16. What is her most embarrassing moment? when she didnt do perfect at state idk....

17. What does she do on girl's nights with her girl friends? movies idk probably stuff she doesnt want me to know

18. Who are her best friends? Hailey some girls from tech and M'kenzee

19. What kind of car does she dream of having? Pontiac G6

20. How did she really feel about you going on a mission?not sure at first but now good

Survey #3
Lovin' Those Letters

1.         How often do you write a letter? When I can

2.          How often do you get a letter?every other week

3.          Do you mail your letters to her parent’s home or her apartment? parents

4.          How long does it take to get a letter once she sends it?a couple days

5.       If applicable, do you ever write in your mission language (words, phrases, etc.)?
uhh idk....

6.               How would you say your envelopes look when you get them (A) perfect condition (B) a few marks here and there (C) seen better days (D) practically shredded A

7.        What all do you put in your letters (besides what is up in your life)? i.e. quotes, memories, scripture chases, pictures, etc.
all of the above

8.        Do you send family e-mails?

9.        Do you send e-mails to just her?

10.     Has she written to any of your companions?

11.     Do you use regular lined paper or some sort of stationery?

12.     Is there any special way she knows a letter is from you before opening it? IDK

13.     Anything else creative you do with your letters...decorate the envelopes

 Survey #4
The 'Just for Fun' Marriage Survey!

1.      Have you discussed marriage with your girl? Yes

2. When do you envision getting married? When I return from hell

3. How old will you be?

4. What do you think her dress will be like?  Beautiful

5. Who will be her maid of honor?  her bf

6. What will the reception be like?  not too flashy

7. When your honey talks about marriage (if she does) what does she say?  she plans for it...shes a planner

8. How do you think you will propose? thats a secret

9. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?  not Cali

10. Why will she make the most amazing wife ever?  Because shes amazing and we're perfect

11. Which of your friends will catch the garter after you throw it? (Or should, in your opinion!)  Chris, Mclovin

12. What kind of cake and foods will you serve? not my decision

13. What song will be your first dance? her choice

14. Who will your best man be?  Chris/Mclovin

15. What will your bachelor party be like? thats a secret

16. What do the rings look like? princess cut

17. What kind of things will be on your registry and where will you register..everywhere shiz we can use

18. Is she wearing her dress or a temple dress for the actual ceremony? Not sure I think her dress but possibly a temple dress 

19. Which temple do you want to be married in?  Twin or Logan

20. Where will you live once you get married?  Twin or Mini-Cassia Area

Survey #5
Finish the Sentence

1. I am...hard working

2. I wish...I was home

3. I wrist gets better

4. Today, I...went to lancaster and thought about Taylor

6. My girlfriend is...Taylor Whitaker

7. When I gets home, we'll...get married

8. The only thing that keeps me going girl

9. I live for...Taylor

10. I am craving...a hot makeout session with Taylor

11. I dream about...Taylor

12. Maybe...she'll still love me

13. Someday...we'll get married

14. Why is it wrist had to get hurt

15. Sometimes I feel like...the mission will never be over

16. I miss her in bed at night

17. Time is...going by fast

18. I've learned that love is...a lot more than I use to think

19. What people don't get about me is...that i'm a stress freak

20. Letters are...everything I got

21. I can barely remember...what home fells like cali is like home noe and that makes me hate it more

22. I tend to...rebel the rules

23. Tomorrow I'll...try to do better
Survey #6
Flash Forward
Please answer the following questions as though you are answering them 4 years from now.

1.Did your girlfriend wait for you?! Yes

2. Where are you living? Logan, Utah

3. Are you married and if so for how long? 2-3 years

4. How long did it take after you got home to get married? 4 months 

5. What was your wedding like?Beautiful

6. Are you living in an apartment, house, or something else?House

7. Are either of you going to school?I am

8. What is your job and what is her job?Farm manager, nurse

9. Do you have any kids, or any on the way?1 kid

10. If so, what are their names?Logan Dean Stevenson

11. Do you have a pet?yes a dog

12. What did you do for Valentine's Day?went back to paul and had dinner at the Outpost

13. What other cool things are you doing with your life?starting farm/ trucking company

14. What is your church calling and what is hers?bishop counselor, young womens

15. What do you love the most about your new life? that i'm finally with my honey

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