Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Love

Alright so I might as well just ramble on because now I have a whole new appreciation for my ramblings. So Friday night (like a total looser) I sat at home moping around because I wanted to go out and all my friends were gone and my boyfriend is on a mission in California so I pouted and watched Bride Wars. While I was crying (like a baby) I decided to get on my blog and I did. When I was done I decided to look back at some of my old blog posts from last year and they just made me smile. Who knew that blogging could give me such a calm feeling. I was crying hysterically and while reading my old posts I was reminded how much I love Grant. Some days you just struggle and then you get all confused like do I really love this guy? What the eff am I doing? I wanna go on a date! I miss my boyfriend! I want to be called beautiful! I need some ice cream! I'm gonna watch the notebook! It is very confusing and in the confusion sometimes you loose focus of what you are doing and you loose sight of your end goal. I never stopped loving Grant but sometimes I just forget what it was like to have him in my life. Maybe that is a way for Heavenly Father to help me pass the time until I see him again and maybe that is just me trying to live my life as just Taylor instead of Grant and Taylor. Well to get to the point of this post...I am so grateful that I started a blog. I was very skeptical at first like I didn't know what to write or if anyone sees this thing I WILL DIE! But now I don't really care who sees it, even though it is very personal I know that no only Grant and I benefit from looking back at all these experiences but the people who stumble upon my blog will be entertained or inspired or something cool I don't know. I just know that this has become like a little journal to me that I can put pictures with it and Grant can come to smile on PDAY so long story somewhat shortened I am grateful for the blog and the memories I have shared on the blog!

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