Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Random Ramble

Today feels like summer is over...and that makes me sad :( Thursday was my last day of school for the semester and I finished with A's in both of my classes so I was pretty happy. On Thursday I took my Medical Assistant application to Twin and Grant's mom rode with me ( I think I scared her a little I am not the best town driver, I do much better out in the sticks). Then we came back and worked on a skirt her young women want to make. It was so fun and I love getting to spend time with Grant's family. Then yesterday I broke down and got Netflix and now that's all I've done since then...hmm oh well. I'll be moving in about 2 weeks and that seems pretty scary for me. I still don't feel old enough to be moving out on my own yet. Ugh Grant is doing well, he says he is doing his physical therapy and this time he actually wants to do it so he can get some movement back in his wrist. He has had a few baptisms and I don't have pictures yet but when I do I will put them on. I am so proud of him and lately I miss him like CRAZY, but next week is his 1 year mark so at least I know I am making some progress! 

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