Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer so far...

So this is how my summer has gone so far not a whole lot going on I am taking 5 credits in Burley and I am in town 9 hours every Tuesday and Thursday. We have been camping and family drives and my little cousins baptism. There have been lots of other fun things too but I am terrible at taking pictures and documenting them. So here is some of my summer!
 Hailey, Sidney, and I went to Declo's Graduation
 Siddy Widdy Pooh
 Candid Moment
 Lunch with Mommy necklace says "waiting for my elder"
 Lots of letters these are from January to June!
 He decorates his cute!

 My fortune cookie..its fate I swear!

 Taryn's first kind of date
 My car...that was 3,000 miles ago 
 Me and Treg before Tegans baptism
 He loves to make faces with me
 This pretty ring I get to wear!
 Yes I live here its okay to be jealous
 The R
 His faces
 Pretty sunset

 All my siblings and Wilson

 The things that are practically in my backyard

 Wild hair and no makeup...and my boyfriend loves me why??


  1. Loved this :) Glad to see you're having a fun summer!! Hope time is flying :)

  2. Thank you it has been great! So if you cant get out of Logan I may just have to come to Logan and save you k!