Monday, April 9, 2012


 Zebra Egg or I tried to do a zebra egg
 I heart Grant
A tie on his egg
This weekend was pretty great. We decorated Easter eggs and I had to decorate one for Grant of course since he is practically one of the family. Well this weekend it got me to thinking of what I did last Easter. I got up went to church then Grant and I went to his Aunt Kay's house for dinner with Grant's family, then we came home to my house and had a little dinner with my family and played outside with my little brothers. It's crazy once they are gone you realize how much you actually miss them and spending time with them. You think going on a date with your boyfriend is not big deal but when they are gone you wonder what it was like to even date them...ya seriously. I honestly think I have forgotten how to date...I do date when I get asked {which is not very often} for some reason the thought of dating a girl with a boyfriend on a mission is not that appealing huh go figure. Sometimes you miss them so much! Then you get to email chatting on Monday and realize that this is still the same boy that I love and drives you CRAZY which he does quite well. Even in California he seems to ramble on about sugar beets and I live on a cattle ranch which FYI I barely know what a sugar beet looks like, ha when he was home we would talk every night on the phone and I would fall asleep every time that seemed to really drive him crazy, it drives him crazy that I never answer my phone, it drives him crazy that I wear flip flops practically all year round except if there is snow on the ground. It drives him crazy that all I do is sports, he hates my lists my endless lists of thing that matter and even things that don't, my zebra obsession I think he puts up with but still drives him crazy. Okay so we drive each other crazy, and we rarely ever agree on anything it takes us all day to choose where we are going for dinner, and yes we have had an ACTUAL fight with yelling and all that but I think that is what makes our relationship real, we understand that we aren't going to agree with each other all the time, we know we fight a lot {mostly love fights}, and he does things that make me crazy but I love him and all the crazy things about him. I love that no matter how mad, grumpy, or tired he is he tells me that he loves me, I love that the dork remembers the exact outfit I was wearing the day we met, I love that he is my farmboy even though it is not exactly "cool" to some of you, I love that he lets me drive his truck {even though he would hate it if any of his friends or father knew}, I love that one time he jammed out to Hannah Montana music with me, I love that he lets me eat all the popcorn at the movies and never complains, I love that he protects me even when I don't need protecting, I just love him period through all the stupid stuff I love him. Grant has a huge heart and cares so much about people, he is a teddy bear inside and tries to hide it, he is passionate about everything he does and give 100% in everything he does. I love him! And I kind of miss him that is why this Easter post turned into a Grant post oh well!

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  1. That is so cute!! I guess slowly the time is going right? Cute easter eggs :)