Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twin Falls Temple

So this weekend I got my Young Woman award thing {i'm not even sure what it is called}. Well I finished personal progress in February so our stake does a dinner in Declo for all the girls that finished. Well for finishing we get a temple picture of our choice and I chose.....Twin Falls. I really love the Logan temple that is the one my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents went through but Grant insists that we are getting married in Twin Falls and to be honest I don't really care where we get not normal for most girls right? But it isn't a huge deal to me and the Twin has some sentimental value to us. We both participated in the YCC {youth cultural celebration}, Grant went through the Twin for the 1st time and was endowed, and about a week before he left we went and did baptisms for the dead {my first time EVER}! He got to baptize me and I was his first baptism so that is pretty neat. So I got my picture and I had to put it up in my room and I have all these cute decorations and photos {all of Grant and I} so it kind of looks like a shrine to Grant but it's just a little decoration and I really like it and LOVE my temple picture. 


  1. O man I am with you 100% on liking the Logan Temple haha :) Thats awesome that Grant did baptisms with you before he left :) You two are way cute together!

  2. It's pretty special going to the temple with him and I love logan but I guess Twin it is haha thank you and Jake are pretty cute too :)