Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Update

So March has been one wild month for me and for my missionary lover. This month Grant was made the District Leader!!!! of the Stevenson Ranch are {yes it is really the stevenson ranch area} He got a new companion Elder Yovanno or something like that. He is still in Valencia enjoying himself {not really but kind of} I was in a play {that was horrible} I have been tracking it up like a boss {NOT} right now i'm on spring break and I have done nothing because there is nothing to do. And I have been rambling so here are some pictures of my sexy missionary. Okay and lately I have been contemplating a little video blogging but I feel retarded on camera {because I am} So I will show you this QUICK video I sent to Grant to prove how retarded I really am! Ha so here is proof that I am mmm special haha enjoy!


  1. Burning a tie! Thats exciting:) Congrats on six months!

  2. Ha my 6 months was in February I just now got pictures. I hit 8 months last week!!!!!!! Not counting or anything haha