Sunday, March 18, 2012

One day in the near Future

 the kitchen with industrial size fridge
 walk in closet a MUST

 baby girl 
 comfy leather furniture
love this except rustic wood and two washer/dryer sets
Okay so this post is for no reason other than it is for Grant, why it is full of house pictures you ask? Grant and I are obsessed with building our dream home we have been since we started dating. Yes serious, we would send pictures back and forth of random things that we liked and we wanted in our house. Well now that he is on a mission it is a little bit harder to do that. I mean I cant just send him 20 pictures to his email he has more important things to do than download those pictures, I am not printing them off and sending them, so I making a blog post of my future home ideas, mostly for him, and I guess for you who are reading this if you are bored you can browse my ideas. So here they are. So I look a little snobby but it won't be this nice just similar, I am still in search for the perfect living room picture, but it will be open to bedrooms above, with a river rock fireplace, and hardwood floors, okay maybe I am reaching for the stars a little bit but what girl doesn't plan her  dream home? :)

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