Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adult Status

So on Friday I turned 18 so I am officially an adult! Grant sent me a lively package full of Reeses of course a zebra snuggie flip flops an iTunes card and my favorite a letter! I love my boyfriend hundreds of miles away and he still spoils me! He had his momma send me flowers 18 gerbs my favorite! My parents bought me a NEW CAR!!! I was excited it's a Pontiac G6 and I love it! I got lots of other goodies and I was so spoiled! Grants dad informed me I am no longer jail bait! Ha when it's finally legal to date my boyfriend he's 700 miles away just my luck! So to celebrate my friend Hailey and our little sisters went to El Caporal and then to The Lucky One! It was a great birthday and I am so grateful for everyone in my life!

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