Monday, April 23, 2012

Late Night Rambling

Sometimes I can't sleep so I here goes the random thoughts that have been crossing my mind all night {i'm sure this is a look back and laugh one day post} I love tractors like honest boys who can drive tractors are pretty attractive and the fact that I am listening to she thinks my tractors sexy is not helping. I have a headache I always get headaches when I wear ponytails. Why do boys always want to be friends with benefits isn't it slightly pathetic...I mean your 18 years old it's time to start acting like an adult...annoying. High school is overrated and all the stupid girls in high school. Graduation is in 29 days! I hate when the shop light gets left on and I can see the light in my window. I am freaking out about my EMT skills test it is going to be like death! I need to change the color of my toenails they have been hot pink far too long. What looser buys a prom date and then discovers she doesn't have a date...oh that would be me. What possessed Grant to buy me a snuggie for my birthday in April? Jason Aldean makes every bad day better. I need to turn in my housing application. I wonder if I am ever going to find out if I got any scholarship money? I miss having someone to call when I get bored like this at night. I got sunburned really bad not to self do not mow the lawn in less than modest swim apparel. I really should run more often it really clears my head. I should not drink Dr. Pepper before bed. I am ready for summer! I need to do my EMT homework. I wonder what Grant is doing right now? I think I should do my hair in a messy bun tomorrow. My abs kind of hurt from pole vault. I am craving grape juice like crazy. Ok so you think i am crazy sorry but this is really what goes through my head when I can't sleep all these random tidbits of my day and other thoughts. See what Grant has to put up with? Poor guy huh! Well this is the end of my ramblings goodnight ha!

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