Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day

So I guess I better post about Valentine's day before February is over right. This year I was dreading Valentine's ANTI V-DAY! Both of my roommates had "significant others" I don't know if they officially call them boyfriends but yeah it makes it worse for me because its a big ole slap in the face to me because they all seem to amp it up on the "oh Taylor I am so sorry that you are alone"..."It must really suck to miss Grant"...."Is it hard to see all those couples out on Valentine's Day"...."Do you think you will get anything?"...."Is it awful to have a boyfriend and not see or hear from him?".....the list honestly goes on and on and on. I understand people are curious because lets face it for most people Grant and I's situation isn't necessarily common. I just don't like the constant reminders. So I was happy to know that on Valentine's Day I would spend the entire day with my patients at Asthma and Allergy. At lunch Karrie, my roommate, text me a picture of the package that Grant sent me. I wasn't expecting one at all so when I got my lunch which was at 2:00 in the afternoon I ran to my apartment to open it. I got two pairs of socks, I hate when me feet are cold, new lotion from Bath and Body Works I have an obsession, and reeses hearts. I did get the annual silly valentine card that I have posted about before. It's funny how used to one another you get when its your 3rd Valentine's Day together. I miss that kid so much and I appreciate that he sent me a package because I know that missionaries don't get a lot of money and I hate when he spends a lot of money on me anyway. I miss that kid like CRAZY and I love him more than anything. Oh and the best part of this Valentines was that next year Grant and I will be together again. That's all I have to say about Valentine's day I do have pictures but not anywhere that I can put them on here.

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