Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday CRAP

So you know how I had that awesome grateful post and it was really fun to read, well this one is going to be the exact opposite....don't say I didn't warn you. So on Saturday I was just messing everything up. I spilled a lot of stuff, when I opened the fridge the magnet board flew off (that  never happens), I bought a curtain rod for the living room....that was too small, I went tanning and I didn't feel hot but apparently I got FRIED by bottom and chest and legs and stomach HURT, I came home and my roommate wanted to make food for her boyfriend we went to wal-mart and in the check out line she told me she didn't bring her wallet, while I made the butterfinger blondies for her boyfriend I splattered it all over the wall, when I went to make the frosting for it I realized we didn't buy shortening so I used sour cream as a substitute, it wasn't quite as good, I called it a night after that. Sunday we went late to church and I had to do laundry and the machine was retarded and stole 1.25 from me, I realize I had homework at midnight, Monday well it was Monday and I did get to email Grant for like 2 seconds, my Dad called and told me that I had to spend $500 to get new tires on my car, I was talking to my roommate and realized that as of May I have no where to live and I don't know if I can afford to live alone, I am stressing so much about money and what I am going to do with my life. I am graduating from college and I am hopefully getting a job offer, but then I think what if that doesn't happen. I am a worrier and that is probably never going to change but this week I have just been stressed to the max. I do love my life and where I am in it but sometimes I just have a bad day and I want to punch someone and then I remember that I'm in healthcare and I would be obligated to path them up afterwards. UGH stress sucks. Okay I am grateful for my life but some days life just doesn't go my way 

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