Friday, February 1, 2013

the randoms that you dont know about yours truly

1) I have to make my bed before I can sleep in it.
2) I have to sleep with socks on, or at least start out with socks on.
3) If I didn't have a list of what I needed to do one day I would go crazy
4) One day I want to be a volleyball coach
5) I will not marry a man who doesn't want to be a farmer, deal breaker
6) I get a stuffed animal every year for Christmas never fail
7) I hate people touching my feet but I love foot massages, there is a difference
8) When I get Mexican I only get chicken, I'm picky about beef
9) I love changing my hair but I always chicken out
10) I hate doing dishes, use paper products
11) I have never given a talk in sacrament meeting
12) I have read the entire Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants
13) I rarely straighten my hair, it takes too long, just curl it
14) I wake up 2 hours before school every morning, I refuse to not have my hair done and dressed nicely for class (and my teacher requires it).
15) I fall asleep in almost every movie I have gone to at a movie theatre
16) I'm obsessed with McDonald's hot chocolate yumm
17) I could honestly spend all day in a tractor and not get bored, must be why Grant loves me
18 I know A LOT about cattle, I can read EPD's, and my dad gets my opinion when we buy a bull, I love bull sales, calving season, judging 4-H steers, you name it.
19) When I am sick I am a "mean person" and I know it, I just don't care that much, i'm also really emotional, one time I cried when we didn't have saltines for my soup.
20) My little brothers and sisters are probably some of my closest friends

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  1. Haha you make me laugh!! You have so many of the same things that I do and it made me laugh! Also 18 months down that is soo awesome...that is what I have left haha which makes me kinda sad but I am so happy for you!! :) And you are in the hundreds on your countdown...soo exciting!